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Real Flavors Super Concentrates SDS questions



We were comparing some labels and looking at SDS’s. Are the Professional Super Concentrates different than the flavorings we have previously purchased as Super Concentrates? Some of the SDS’s show high PG and or Alcohol %s. For example Strawberry SDS shows <50% PG and Graham Cracker <25% Alcohol.

I havent gone through many but several have had higher PG and/or alcohol levels, i remember, perhaps not entirely correctly, that the flavorings were PG free, or super low levels, and 3% or under alcohol.

Thanks for any info!


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Wait a minute! Ya mean I just spent a fortune on Professional Super Concentrates thinking it was Super Concentrates? I am totally confused now. This is getting a bit difficult for apprentice level mixers, lol. Should I be worried?



The concern would be w/ a pg free mixer since the % used and the taste seems to reported the same. The problem is the original super concentrates sds sheets weren’t available to compare to but the new prof. scs show <50% pg. Awaiting Walt’s response but :thinking: if the discussion goes further it could be moved to Real Flavors Super Concentrates Tasting Notes (Part 2) perhaps, @moderator, lol



If I understand correctly, this would only be a concern for people with pg sensitivity?



Thanks, worm and pleasant dreams everyone :slightly_smiling_face:



Just looking to get some questions answered so the database can updated with proper information. :slight_smile:



Whaddya mean? I need explanation, please.

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Like/Dislikes or % in a mix are not what we are talking about here.

There appears to be a difference between the composition of the sc and the professional super concentrates. The sc were always touted as pg free and 3% alcohol max. The PSC have PG in them and some have considerably more alcohol listed in the sds sheet than is on the bottle label.



Apologies. Wasn’t trying to derail from the main topic.



It was my understanding that the 3% refers to the “proof” of alcohol used for suspension of the flavoring compounds as in vodka is 40% the ethyl? Alcohol used for suspension was 3% “proof”. Surely a 30ml of flavoring contains more than .3ml of alcohol. Ho hum i am no chemist but this was my understanding… Final word goes to @Walt_RealFlavors



This does sounds familiar.



While that may be the case, it’s still misleading IMO, as there’s a huge difference between content by volume, and proof.

With the “3% label”, I assumed that there was no more than 3% of alcohol in the contents of the bottle (“proof” never entered into my equation, as I’ve never seen it referenced anywhere else with regularity in every day use, so why would it be here?) :thinking:

I must’ve missed said post…

/awaits Walt’s input



K so if we were to make a solution/suspension from scratch we at somepoint would reach a point where the solute becomes immiscable with the solvent. Saturation can only reach a certain %. If you have made a solution of citric acid or malic acid you know this to be true or even erythritol. Erythritol is only soluble in VG at around 10% so if purchasing an erythritol solution your actually purchasing a solution consisting of 90% VG. I understand that alcohol is a better solvent than Vg or PG and hence its use in SC flavoring as more actual flavoring can be suspended. I do however have a hard time believing that 0.3ml of alcohol can suspend 29.7ml of flavoring compounds. And were back to square one, what then would be the main carrier :-/




illustrates the point



The new Professional Super Concentrate Graham Cracker

And the sds

Ethyl alcohol 64-17-5 < 25%

But the PSC are definitely different to the Sc - not sure the all resellers actually know the difference and the buyers would be in the same boat



Do you have any other new bottles? Wondering if this is a generic bottle label for the entire line or if it is flavor specific.

Ill grab my old one and take a pic and edit this.


So my camera kinda sucks and my eyes are worse. I took a pic then grabbed the biggest magnifying glass i have to read the words on the bottle.

Natural Extracts and Alcohol (less than 3%)

LOT: 53271G



Ya the side part is generic the front contains all the daap info. i have about 15 of them



And the SDS on that flavor:



And the things that make you go hmmmmmm. Watching :face_with_monocle:



Hey everyone, sorry for not jumping on this earlier. The SDS sheets are made by a third party and I need to review them more with the formulation department. There is no way a flavor is 50% PG or Alcohol, it would never be as strong and would be super weak. Why the SDS says less that is strange and confusing. I understand that it says less than 50% meaning it could be 0.001 or 49.999 and that is a heck of a difference.

We list some items that are non flammable (non hazard) as “trade secret” on SDS. I am not seeing that on any of the google docs you linked to. I wonder if they just combined or did something else. Either way, I am exploring this and will post an update.