Real Flavors

Has anyone used this company? I saw about two post about them but no other information.

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They are also sold as NorthWest VG Flavors at ecigexpress. There are a few reviews of those flavors on ELR. @bradslinux just grabbed a sample pack, and @Amy2 has some experience with them. Not sure who else.


I have a handful of them as well and they are great, especially for people with sensitivity to PG (They are VG based flavors)

One difference is that you have to use a lot higher % in your recipes but that’s not really a problem since it is all VG anyways.

The ones that I have are pretty good and I know my sister @Amy2 would agree that you should try their Pink Burst, good stuff :wink:

The other ones that I have right off the top of my head are the Raspberry, SB Milkshake, Blueberry-Pom-Acai and a few others I can’t remember at the moment


What would you like to know more about. They’re available at ECX but also from the vendor who makes them which is Real Flavors their sizes are much larger than ECX thou.

All VG main starting % for me have been anywhere from 3-5 and used up to 10% for single flavors you’ll want some form of a citrus to help them pop a little better which enviable you’ll need some pg in the mix to help preserve them for longevity purposes.
I have almost all of the ones ECX offers except the baja and the orange.

Idk what else you’d like to know but we’ll try and help!

@DarthVapor my brutha Is correct pink burst is awesome ! Their SB is my favorite. I like the SB milkshake as well !


@Amy2 Are you saying those are great as stand-alone flavors? I could not find one recipe with any of their flavors as an ingredient. They are very close to home for me and I can avoid shipping, (which I hate) and I would also like to try the palm based VG. I guess what I’m wondering is why the lack of use and discussion about them if they are good? Maybe I will be the guinea pig. I am not the greatest mixer, or reviewer, or flavor tester, but I will give it a shot.

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So I can say the Blueberry acai and pom is good. I love it and now I have a small sample to enjoy again. I’ve got to mix them all up this week and I’ll post here afterwards but that wont be until this weekend when I mix them probably.

Thanks any information on them would be great.

I don’t per se use them as stand alones no I have tried them but just not strong enough. They are very good. Idk y there aren’t more popular I try to get the word out about them. I need less pg I am sensitive and it’s getting worse.

I personally recommend these
Sb Milkshake
Blueberry Acai Pom
Pink Burst

Now there are plenty more that are good but ymmv on them. The above list are a sure hit !
Start anywhere from 3-6% in a mix and they will be good !

If you do try the palm based vg let me know k I’d like to hear about your experience with it.

Walt from Real Flavors did say in another thread that for a while their focus was crafting new flavors for other manufacturers to then put into production. I think it’s more recent that they have really focused on crafting and selling all their own flavors on their own brand.

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I do recall him saying so ! But still NWFs has been around for a little while at ECX and it seems they should be used more often. Just saying a lot more ppl should try them out .

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