Real mint taste

Hello my good friends
I was looking for real mint flavor tast like real ment not minthol any ideas?mint-600x496


I haven’t tried any other but Mint (vg) by Real Flavors reminds me of putting a mint leaf in my mouth.
I haven’t really tasted that rather “green” flavor in any premade juice that I have tried except the one I just recently made with this flavor.
It may not be the strongest or most concentrated but it definitely tastes real. :wink:

I’ll give it a try

i don’t know how easy or hard is to find it there you live,

Atmos lab Mint flavor is the most realistic mint ever tried…

Spearmint flv is pretty good, and like using it.
Not sure on the name but mint fa or spearmint fa but it’s strong and good.
And hypnotic fa has a mint tone.

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I was looking for the same thing the OP was after. Yesterday some vendor tried to sell me spearmint too… but this is really not the same as what the OP is asking.
The picture he’s showing with the description looks more like Moroccan mint. It has zero cooling factor although it does taste fresh, it has some natural sweetness to it too. We use it a lot in food (salads) and make tea from it. It doesn’t taste like spearmint or peppermint at all.

@Saleh_AlHammada Is that what the mint from RF or Atmos lab is like? I’d really like to find out as well if you’ve already found a good flavor :slight_smile: