Really good video from Wayne from DIY or DIE

Wayne just posted a good video on youtube about DIY


Great share!

This is why I love this kid!!!

Such heart, and pretty astute observations (usually)!


Those rich guys in Virginia at the tobacco companies have no intention of letting vaping die. Everyone can quit worrying about that. They just want to control it, make it cheap for “them” to manufacture and then fix it so they get most of the money from it.

The government just want’s to tax it because they have lost massive amounts of tax revenue from people not smoking. He’s right…anyone that is mixing will be able to vape.

Learn how to make your own coils, hoard whatever mods, tanks and coils you can hoard while the stuff is still relatively cheep and start weaning yourself down on the level of nicotine you are using in your liquid.


Aye, I’m going to drop to 2mg soon, 250ml will last me an age from there, you can make up just shy of 10ltrs of juice with just that much [72mg]

I buy it at 36mg and cut it to what amounts to about 2mg with flavoring. (I had a bad week last week and left if up around 4.5 but… bad week makes you need more lol)

I am thinking I may start heat sealing my VG/Water/Vodka/Nic mixes because I’m really not noticing any degradation of that plain mix even after about 3 months. But maybe some folks on here know more about how long I can let it sit. I’m thinking the alcohol and nic is keeping it safe?

he always is entertaining , say what you want about him , he stays on top of it , and mixes pretty well as well good video

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