Really, really strong nicotine. For experienced users only!

LOL, yea, I’m not OCD about everything, mostly about things that can kill me or harm others. I bought the kit from Nude Nicotine a while back, actually I bought 3 kits. It takes a lot of testing material to test real high strength nicotine, but their kit is more accurate than some of the others. I’m sure the others are OK as well though.


Cool. Thanks for the info.

My friend i recommend having saw dust or cat litter in case of a spill whenever you open that thing and at that concetration open it in open air OR deffinately get a cartridge mask the vapors are enough to give you a pretty strong headache or illness.And honestly if you mix for yourself you dont need that high. Be sure to test it with a nic kit you know at these levels a mg error of 50mg is most likely more common than on 100mg or minus. Be safe!

Edit: did not read all posts good thing you have tested it better be safe than sorry!

I use PIG absorbent pads and keep a small stack handy all the time anyway. Those things are a carpet saver. I also keep a 1/4 sheet of one under my scale and on my work surface. Precaution is much better than plain old caution.

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Off the top of my head I know both Nude Nicotine and Wizard Labs sell test kits. Probably some other vendors do too. If you have a pool supply store in town you could pick up the chemicals you need to make your own test kit.

Here’s a link to the Wizard Labs kit: which has all the components and instructions listed. :slight_smile:

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Great info zigz, thanks. I have a pool store near me I’ll be visiting very soon. :slight_smile:

Jealous of all them options across that border. I would love to try a new source , I’ve currently only found one within Canada. The last people i bought nic off no longer carries it.