Really, really strong nicotine. For experienced users only!

I need to reiterate the importance of knowing the danger and risk of nicotine at this strength. Improperly handling nicotine of this strength can KILL YOU! If you don’t have prior experience in the proper and safe handling of hazardous materials, DO NOT ORDER THIS STRENGTH OF NICOTINE!

On to the post.
Kinda scary stuff in that bottle. 500mg/ml nicotine. 2 oz amber boston round dropper.
I was actually scared a bit when I took the tape off the cap. Caution from here on, pass the rubber gloves.
I plan on mixing up a small batch of flavorless 30/70 PG/VG at 6mg. I’ll report back on flavor, odor etc when I do.

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I have been tumbling the idea of buying stronger nic/base…from that exact website…lemme know how it goes, please, I’m super curious…

The Nicotine Solution
At 500 mg/ml it has a pretty strong odor. No pepper odor!. I was leery of taking too large a nose snort of it. It is perfectly clear, and in PG is a dream to work with.
Taste impressions:
A small but expected throat hit, flavorless and at 6 mg/ml is odorless (I get some sweetness from the VG on a full lung hit. They have a new customer with me!
I’ll be ordering a bigger bottle or 2 pretty soon.

People! If you are considering going this route I suggest you have a very accurate scale that you have total trust in. While mixing, I was wearing rubber gloves, a paint/solvent grade respirator mask and poly carbonate safety glasses.
This stuff has the potential to kill if handled incorrectly.



If it was me, I’d immediately dilute it and make 500ml 100 mg/ml base, or even 1000ml 50 mg/ml base…

Again, be sure to work in a well ventilated environment (respirator also OK :smiley: ) - nicotine is volatile and will be in the air… No deep sniffs into the bottle! :stuck_out_tongue:


So why did you go with the 500mg? Why didn’t you go full strength? And will you always dilute it or would you consider using the 500mg for mixing?
Is it that much cheaper this way, even with companies selling liters of 100mg for $40?

I will not dilute this. Part of the reason I ordered it this way was to reduce volume of nicotine solution in the mix, but maintain enough volume as to safely weigh it out. Pure Base Nicotine is twice as deadly as 500 mg/ml Nicotine. This is also why I ordered it in PG instead of VG. VG can be very difficult to dispense due to it’s viscous nature. PG is thin and the drops are small and very predictable while weighing.
With flavor, I tend to error to a drop or 2 more, with this nicotine solution, I will error to a drop or two too little. so instead of .25 mg, I actually weighed .24 and stopped.
This method is probably not for everybody. I tend to be a very meticulous OCD kinda asshole when it comes to anything I craft. The term “perfectionist” doesn’t even begin to cover me. LOL I’m really not an asshole, I just approach craft very methodically.


I am curious as to accuracy of the strength, I’ll probably get out my nicotine test kit tomorrow and do 3 separate tests.


Very well put…i will take it all to heart when I finalize my decisions…thanks for sharing brother…

Oh, real quick, so I don’t hafta do the math…my question about value: even with companies selling $40/liters of 100mg?

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I would like to hear those results please…

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Hell i get 1 litter of a 100mg nic. And that last forever at what i use. 500mg would be way to much for me unless i would delute it big time. Wow

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I’m dealing with a 2 oz bottle not a 1 liter bottle. At 100 mg/ml in VG for high VG mixes. My reasons are very specific to my needs. Like I said, it isn’t for everybody. This 2 oz bottle will yield almost 5 liters of finished juice at 6 mg/ml nicotine strength. 10 liters at 3mg.


Of course. I will test the 6mg test mix I just made, as well as 2 500mg tests if I have enough testing material. That high strength will take a lot to acid test.

I agree a 100% it would go farther. I mix at 3mg. So yeah it would go a long long way. I wasn’t putting you down by any means bro. Didn’t mean it to come out that way.

Didn’t take it that way, no worries. All good man. The purpose of forum is constructive discussion.

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As far as scales go, I have very accurate scales, down to the thousandth I believe, so that part is covered…and OCD like a loon, lol…


Great call Lars splitting this one out. Thanks.


I just finished 3 tests. I tested the 6mg test mix that I did and it was spot on.
I then made a dilution to 50 mg/ml and it also was spot on.
At this point I had more than enough test solution left to test the 500 mg/ml solution and it was close to spot on as well. There is a margin of error with this type of test, but the results I achieved put it well within that margin, it is safe to assume that the measurement I obtained on the 500 mg / ml of 508 is accurate. The error is due to using volume measurements instead of weight. It took almost 30 ml of test solution to cause color change.

Of course when working with nicotine of this strength it is BEST PRACTICE to TEST TEST TEST and then TEST some more to make sure you are accurate in your work. Being proud and making assumptions can make you, or somebody else at the least sick, and at the worst, dead.


I’ll wrap my assessment up of this nicotine by saying that I think this is good quality nicotine and the pricing is very nice. The price is very nice for 1 liter of 100 mg/ml in VG at $37.99. My purchase of 500 mg/ml nicotine is very specific to my capabilities and experience as well as my requirements and of how I prefer to mix.
I also recommend that each person mixing e-liquid with nicotine should always TEST the nicotine that they order to ensure it is WHAT they ordered. There are several nicotine test kits available online and video tutorials on how to use each specific test.
Even the professionals at our favorite vendors can make mistakes. The problem is that those mistakes ultimately could prove fatal.
So be as safe as you can PLEASE!


whats a good place to get nicotine test kits?

Wow Brad, great info here man. I would like to be as OCD. What testing supplies do you use and where did you get them?

Thanks a lot. Great work!