Reason that overflavoring mutes flavors?

Hello, all - I’ve just recently gotten back into DIY. I understand that overflavoring can actually mute flavors. What I’m wondering is, is that an objective fact about the chemistry of the vape juice itself, or is it just that overflavoring overwhelms the olfactory sense to the point where you don’t taste it anymore? In other words, is it the juice, or is it me?

Thanks in advance for any replies I might receive!! Cheers - Mark


Its a bit of all of it …Muting also comes from over flavoring similar compounds so say you have a Vanilla Custard and your using similar flavors that carry Vanillin adding all that Vanillin will start to mute and i find that over doing the dame compound over and over in the same recipe mutes more than say pushing a flavor too high …Some will hop on and say I TEST FLAVORS AND IVE PUSHED THEM TOI HIGH AND THEY MUTE , I call bullshit fir the most part …This is a very in depth conversation that we are getting involved in and hard to explain …:person_shrugging::person_shrugging::person_shrugging::person_shrugging:hmmmmm it might be time for an ELR YT channel where these things are discussed and explained since typing them would take forever and much harder to explain …Too much Ethyl Maltol from multiple flavors will " mute" a recipe as well even too mucb Acetyl Pyrazine …


So to sum it up …There are mutiple reason why a liquid may seem muted or not flavored well …Imo/e i find it more common that things arent paired as well vs over flavoring


Thanks for the response! What you say makes a lot of sense.


With my extremely basic methodology and understanding I just think if a particular concentrate tastes chemically then I’ve overdone the solo test.
I too struggle with this concept but I reiterate I am definitely no expert.
Personally I’ve arrived at the conclusion that I’m sure I tend to enjoy concentrates a little stronger than most and have definitely tested some at recommended percentages and been left disappointed with the amount of flavour. I’ve also tested some above recommended percentages and still been disappointed and that’s where the seed of doubt sneaks in making me question the muting point.
Truth is we are all different and it really is a case of personal trial and error.
More error on my part but there you go!

Absolutely useless to your question but my experiences to date.


Fiddy always top notch! To cross check what @fidalgo_vapes is talking about and go deeper, have a look at this one:

You’ll see a column that says “Components” click where it says “list” if it’s not outsourced it’ll list all the compounds used inside to make that flavour.
Whether it’s TPA or not, the approach of making a new flavour, will be very similar, so you’ve got a starting point to think about (I always have this one pinned, in case I have to study a profile)
These compounds if mixed with other that used the same compound they just add up, and it does what Fiddy said, this might mute the mix, that’s why it’s practically impossible that a single flavour mutes (added to itself??) , but it’s very easy that’s weird, bitter, butiric, acid, peppery and on and on.

Single flavours could mute just because a single compound it’s a muter by itself, too much EM or AP inside to start with, it’s rare but could happen, but they go weird rather then mute.

But in a mix, at the end of the story, you’re just adding compounds on compounds, we’re making a new flavour that’s made by the sum of them.
KISS, from my point of view, is ALWAYS a good rule to start (and finish) when making a mix.


I think balance is key…i used to be very heavy handed for optimum flavor n that does work with simple straight forward recipies Like fruits but when using a lot of layers like desserts with Creams n fruit or multiple tropical fruit vapes with citrus notes you gotta be smart what concentrates need popping and what ones are just highlights or even unneeded so it really depends on the recipie n profile.I like a simple fruit medly,fruit cream or fruit ice then a more decadant dessert that needs steeping n those are a bit harder to get the layers you want but they can be simple too if your percentages are right n getting what you were shooting for but yes over concentrates does cause muting n sometimes simple is better flavored than overthinking n tryna add too many or too much.I generally land around 12-15% total flavoring if their not super aromas that only require .05-1% for the main profiles if that makes any sense at all Lol


#mindblown Thank you for THIS!! Sheds a while new light on things!!!