Rebuilding 0.5ohm cubis coil

Okay so I am frustrated with trying to rebuild these cubis coils with kanthal and nichrome. I want to just order some stainless steel and do an exact direct replacement of them. What gauge ss316, and how many wraps are the 0.5ohm cubis coils? Going to order some ss316 tonight as soon as i know what i need. Please and thank you!

This guy is building on the Cubis RBA, which you can get at fasttech for just over $3 btw. Suppose the principal is the same though.
He’s using SS316 26 gauge, 3mm ID with 8 wraps. (Steamengine says you need 7 wraps) He’s doing a horizontal build, I would love to see a tutorial about the vertical build as well.


are you using the rebuild deck? I bought one for like $6 i think.
This is what I do
24 gauge kanthal
6 wraps slightly spaced
horizontal because vertical never works for me
sometimes I will use notch coils instead

oh and after you pull the cotton through you also put cotton underneath the coil. The cubis is harder to get the taste right than it should be. you may know this stuff already

My problem is i am not building it for the cubis tank, it is for the AIO, which is 28watts only, not VW… And no i dont have the rba just rebuilding the regular 0.5ohm coils. They are simple and easy to build in still so i havebt bothered getting the rba head, just dont have any ss316 and cant seem to figure out a build with kanthal that will work well in it… Too hot or takes too long to ramp up cant seem to hit that perfect middleground with this device

Oh okay gotcha. Can’t really help then lol

After some more experimenting i just found nichrome80, 30gauge, 2 wires parallel, 6 wraps, 2mm id, works pretty well. Think i found my build for this thing for now. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to share a picture of the vertical coil I have made to put in place of the SS316 one used in the 0.5Ohm Cubis coils (Not the RBA). 2 30g NiChrome80 in parallel, 2mm ID, 6 wraps. Steam Engine puts it at about 0.53 Ohm. Vapes equally as well as the original SS316 coil.