Rebuilding kanger ( old version ) atomizer coils

I for the first time the day before yesterday pulled an old kanger coil apart and stuffed some organic cotton in it. Sure it’s single coil and it’s only going on a 1300 mah vv/vw battery on a p3 tank well it was fantastic I am so disappointed I have not done this before. Thank goodness I horde all my coils after washing and drying them I always chuck them in this tuber ware and close the lid. Well my lil fingers at bruised they’ve been so busy re building. Lol. I think it was @Ken_O_Where that also rebuilds these. Well there is no comparison with store bought verses placing organic cotton I. The coil instead of that crap they put in there.

Yea yea I know I’m way late. I generally don’t do anything that takes away from the fun of DIY’n but this here is way worth the time !


I rebuild them too. IMO best way for me to get that perfect diameter and cotton ratio, use the infamous blue screwdriver! 30 gauge A1 or 28 gauge A1. If using the 28g make sure you snip those leads clean to avoid shorts!


I have that lil guy and thought about it yesterday. Thanks

The diameter of the driver is just a tad bit bigger than the channel where youd seat the driver to place your coil down. You can get it slightly in but dont go so far that you cant get the screwdriver out. There is a sweet spot of sorts. You’ll know it when you see it.


I rebuild them as well. I don’t use my protank anymore, but I rebuild the coils for my mum. I got a coil master set from amazon that goes from 1mm to 3mm and the 1.5mm one works really well, too. :smile:


I started out rebuilding Kanger coils. 100’s of them. LOL. I still use my ProTanks occasionally when I’m just looking for a light on-the-go vape, but of course with much higher nic juice than I use for dripping. Besides the standard 28g 12 wrap, my favorite build is to use twisted 2-strand 30g, or even twisted 3-strand 32g wire, 7 wraps around 2mm. You have to be real careful to make sure they don’t short out against the walls and top piece, but it can be done. And organic cotton balls for wick of course, but also cotton yarn, and silica. Interestingly, Kanger now sells replacement coils for ProTanks/EVODs with organic cotton wicks!


I just got some kanger VOCC and they’re Japanese organic cotton for my p3 but I still prefer the homemade single coil . I don’t think the new coil is doubled thou not sure didn’t look that much into them.

Some of the heads have slightly wider slots than others. But I found that using a round wooden toothpick to place the 2mm coil and hold it in place while capturing the leads etc works great. They are almost perfect size, but you can push them in and ‘cut’ into the wood a bit and it holds great. Just twisting the toothpick will ‘shave’ it enough to get out.

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Why not try building a clapton on the rebuildable deck?

I took this pic before straightening the coil up because I was so excited it fit I wanted to show a friend who has the same tank. Been vaping on that same coil for nearly a month now.