Is there a function to recalculate a recipe for a different amount of finished product? Example: if a recipe is given for 50ml, is there some way to automatically change all the gram weights so you can end up with 30ml?

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Click the blue wrench icon / edit / change ml. Save. Easy peasy.


there is yes. adapt this recipie. and then just change the amount :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick replies. I figured there must be a way without going thru the trouble of all the math.

To expand on the two options above…

use Edit to change “Amount to make” without creating a duplicate. It just changes the original recipe once you hit save.

use Adapt to create a new duplicate recipe where you can change the amount to make. This method leaves your flavor percentages, but returns your Amount to make, nic and pg/vg levels to your default. You can change the title to include the new amount ml so you can have multiple recipes that have identical flavor%, but designate a different amount or different nic level or different pg/vg ratio for each.

Mongolian BBQ (this is the original)
Mongolian BBQ 120ML 6MG
Mongolian BBQ 30ML 2MG 50/50PGVG
Mongolian BBQ 30ML 2MG 25/75PGVG
(Definitely leave all of the duplicates private)

For a quick fix, though, just use Edit and hit save, for sure. Hope this helped!

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