Received concentrates as black as motor oil

Your description was accurate dark brown. I didn’t know you guys listed the color description on the website, I’ll pay closer attention. Totally my fault, I’m use to seeing it lighter than this. Was concerned if it was usable. I should have asked you guys first. I apologize.


Totally okay my friend, I would have also been concerned and I’m glad that I could help clarify the situation. Based off the image that does look normal in comparison to our bottles as well and is safe to mix into a juice. :slight_smile:

If you need anything else please feel free to @ me anytime!

Thank you


Post pic …apple pie is dark…if the clearance sale was for thwm to move old inventory sitting around then im not sure what they will do…Remember Nicktine River doesnt store their flavors in a closet in a house , all their inventory is stored in controlled environment…Id like I see the bottle though …

I GUESS I SHOULD START READING ENTIRE THREADS …Your Apple pie seems to have an amber tint to the color so sewms normal


Yeah, knowing the manufacturing date helps. I’d use it, but I would hate the color of the juice.


Scroll up for the pic. It’s a very dark brown. But they (NRC) said it’s good. I’m gonna go with it Plus they posted a pic of the barrel with manufacturers date, so I’m feeling confident


Ya I seen the pic ty…Also Single flave test it