Recipe calculator giving wrong %

I made up some DIY liquids but now seems like all are wrong. When I put in Flavor 30ml concentrate and wanted 20% it gave me as 2ml. When I did manual calculation it is 6ml. Realised this a bit too late. I put in 100ml and still 2ml.
Now I do not know what my recipes actual outcome is.
Any suggestions as to why this happened.


Could you please take a screenshot and post it. Thank you!


Not entirely sure what you’re saying - as SteveTC mentions, screenshots will help us see what you mean :slight_smile:


Welcome to ELR @Skyhawk26. Like @SteveTC, and @daath said, your post is a bit confusing, and without more, detailed info, we won’t be able to help you.


Sorry guys, my big mistake. I have replied to your email. I found where the fault lies - In my brain.
Thanks for the replies.
My sincere apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

Warm Regards.


Hello Steve, Lars & Dman,
I should have taken screenshots but didn’t know if I could upload on the forum page. I am using the recipe calculator directly from the net. Saved it on my favourites and each time I wanted to make up a recipe I will just click to open it in a new browser.
I just checked my excel file as I keep records of all my mixes and found that I am a Fool. Must have been in dreamland this afternoon.

SORRY GUYS, MY MISTAKE. I just realised that once the amount to be made is set then the flavor will actually work itself together with the PG/VG quantities. Therefore, for 10 ml total amount , the correct amount of flavor is 2 ml @ 20%.

SO sorry for the terrible inconvenience and pushing the panic button.

Thank you.

Warm Regards,



@Skyhawk26 if people are having genuine issues, or questions, and we at ELR can help out, it’s NEVER an inconvenience.