Recipe Finder is not very accurate?

Hi all,

Im just about to ebark on my DIY juice journey and thnakfully i was told about this website. I put all of my flavours into a list and then hit that search button so it would find recipes that contain the flavours i have but it doesnt seem to be very accurate or is it me? am i doing something wrong here. I didnt include Raspberry because, basically i dont have that flavour but it still threw it up as a suggestion. it also seems to suggest the glaringly obvious. ( it sees i have cheekcake concentrate and suggests…cheesecake… lol). i didnt want to write it off as useless because there stands a chance its probably me thats doing something wrong. any advice my fellow vaper?

thank you.

Rich ( AKA UKconvicted Vapist).

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User>my flavor stash>what can I make>click off hide one flavor recipes


What @TheTinMan1 said - but you need to pick the flavors with the most recipes, which for example means you need to pick “Sweet Cream (TPA)” instead of “TFA sweet cream”…


I just checked your flavor stash and it looks pretty good, except for the alchemists and the key lime - I even fixed a few duplicates of Crunch Cereal and Crunch Fruit Cereal :slight_smile: You should probably get a few more hits on “What can I make” now…


The best way I’ve found to make sure that you are selecting the correct flavor is to do a search for the flavor you are adding in the flavor list search, and then sort it by recipes so that the most popular flavorings are listed first. Then select the flavor and add it to your stash.

You kind of have to do this because there can be several duplicate flavors listed for the same flavor and this way ensures that the flavor you adding to your flavor list is the one that has the most recipes related to it.