Recipe for a caramelized banana anyone

I have TFA Banana consentrate, but feel that it lacking something @ 10% 50/50 bend. Then I heard of GrimGreens Namber Juice, and their Caramelized banana, it sounded so tasty. Anyone who want to chear a good recipe?
Any other suggestion to add to the banana or banana ripe flavors?

I’ve never had a banana vape I’ve liked. However, perhaps throw some TPA Brown Sugar Extra at it…some sweetener too. See where that is. I think also you could add 1 drop per 10 ml of Acetyl Pyryzine. Not sure if this would hit the flavor you’re aiming for but I can’t imagine it wouldn’t taste good if you already like the banana flavor you’re using. So…

After your banana, perhaps 5% Brown Sugar Extra, 4-6% cotton candy. Maybe even try caramel candy in low doses. Good luck!

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Depends if your going for bakery add some DDL or how about a cake batter ?

Strawberry and banana always rock together.

Banana and cream yummy.

Banana and a nice peanut butter = Elvis !


I just posted a similar thread I’m in the mood for a fruity vape and just wanted to see if someone wanted to throw out a go to recipe they had ! Lol we’re always in search of that elusive ADV aren’t we :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::dash:

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Well EM (aka Cotton Candy) will give it the caramelized taste. I would use that as the base and start dropping banana cream into it until you get something you can work with. I don’t think using the banana as a base is going to work out. I like the idea of the brown sugar as well… Maybe add that in with the EM before to get a good caramelized base going before adding the banana…

Just a thought :wink:


Thank you every one for al your nice replies. So many useful ideas to think about. Strawberry and banana sounded real good. I will try out most of your ideas as sonn as I can afford the flavors.
Greetings from Norway


Well, I finally got Grimm Green’s Namber juice with caramilzed banana, and as good as it sounds, it tasted awfull. It tasted very tobacco like , and I can’t stand tobacco taste anymore . Well, I’m not going to lie, I’m not an experienced mixer. But with your advices, I’m sure I can do better. The TFA banana at 10% taste delicious , but I have sampled both caramel from FA at 3 and 4% and TFA at 8 and 10%. 3 of the samples taste tobaccoish, only the TFA at 10% had a hint of caramel after two weeks of steep , so I can imagine that won’t work. Thanks again for your suggestion’s, now I will for sure try them out, How much TFA banana in the mix? I’m sure 10% would become to strong in a mix.

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I’ve had people tell me that my Banudding Cake tastes like fried plantains - and I can definitely see where they’re coming from. A little bit of caramel (0.5%) would enhance that:

Banudding Cake

Ingredient %
Banana Cream (LA) 4
Biscuit (INAWERA) 0.2
Cheesecake (Graham Crust) (TPA) 2.5
Cream Fresh (FA) 1.5
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 4.3

Flavor total: 12.5%

Remember to rate it at!

Thank you death :slight_smile: Ohhh, sorry, I meant daath

I concocted this earlier today…

Banana Cream Pie
Graham Cracker (Clear) (TPA)2.00%
Pie Crust (TPA)2.00%
Ripe Banana (TPA)1.00%
Sweet Cream (TPA)3.00%

Obviously, nothing caramelized about it (yet), but it is delicious! A great shake ‘n’ vape.
For my tastes, I prefer the RB on the subtle side, but 1% is a bit low - I expect it’ll probably fall away a bit over the coming days, so I’ll prob be upping it to 1.5 or 2 (or maybe 3!). You might wanna go further.
And I’ll probably up the PC to 3% - I like the bakery!
Beyond that, why not try adding all this to the EM/BS base @Don3 recommended…MMM… you could be dancin’!


Have you tried using FLV banana as of yet?

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So after playing around with this recipe, did anything come of it. I’m thinking about messing around with it this weekend. Thinking of adding in some Banana Cream (TPA) and Marshmallow while playing with the percentages a bit. I’m the same way with ripe banana (TPA), I found anything over 3-4% with ripe banana just doesn’t taste right.

Howdy Don… as a matter of fact, Im on it right now! YUM! Definitely a part of my adv rotation!
Just tweaked the PC (+1%) a little …& changed the name coz I find it so glorious - “Banana cream pie” was a tad ho-hum.
Personally, I really like the bakery angle, but sweeter would be good to - have a play…really dont think u can go wrong with this one!


Will do… I just finished up mixing tonight, but will make a batch tomorrow and leave a comment on the recipe. I like the fact it’s a Shake & Vape that gets better with time :slight_smile:

Something about instant gratification… LOL

[quote=“Don3, post:14, topic:14319”]
Something about instant gratification…
[/quote]Aint that the truth!!..I hope you enjoy it!!
If you make the sweet version, I’d be interested to hear how that goes too- Id make it myself but im missing banana cream.

Thank you. That Pie was a yummy

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My pleasure…glad you enjoyed it!
Out of interest… what % RB did you go with? I stuck with 1% coz it didnt fall away as I thought it might.
Also…I ended up dropping the GC - this was an improvement. IMO, a better bakery note. (But… that said… I might put it back in for the nxt batch as confirmation)