Recipe for Black Raspberry (Sterling Cloud)

I have a bottle of Black Raspberry (Sterling Cloud) that I got for another recipe. Black Raspberries are my favorite. Trying to come up with a recipe using it but there isn’t alot of documentation on this brand that I can find.

Here is something I was thinking of…not sure about the percentages yet. Whatcha think?

Black Raspberry (Sterling Cloud)
Lemon Sicily (FA)
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP)
Vinna Cream (FA)
Vanilla Bourbon (FA)

Does taste good in my brain right now :wink: You might get more attention in another existing thread, perhaps @woftam or another Mod can move this to a higher traffic area. You can also do some research using the ELR Home Search tool. You can search for more than one flavor at a time by adding a space a + and another space between flavors, then click the “Search” button. Next, click the column header “Ratings” to see the most popular (yeah i know more reading)

Perhaps there are several existing recipes to get you closer on %s. Example you can search for your Black Raz flavor and Lemon Sicily without putting the Vendor name (Sterling Cloud) Trying to look at only Sterling Cloud recipes might result in zero hits
…it would look like this [click here]

Stirling cloud are also known as Apex Flavors (i believe) -
it is not a particularly well known brand (here) as a result you may have to work out the percentages through trial and error.

I am going to move this as @BoDarc suggests - I think it would fit better in the flavor section

Harumppphh. The only place that sells these is diyvaporsupply? This company does not ship international :frowning: and is such a tease for those of us in Canada and those across the pond. We must start a petition lol jk Anyone have a link to purchasing these ( extracts?) ? My spidey senses are tingly (obsession over new flavors)

Did you try but they dont sell for e-juice or hobbyist :wink: not sure how to shop there but there is a shopping cart link so i assume they have a shop

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Are silver cloud and sterling cloud one in the same then? The link appears to be a distributor of silver cloud which states NOT for e liquid or home hobbyist lol
Found these on amazon tho… :wink:

Ya i am not 100% sure - I maybe mistaken

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Thank you for your honest answer . Perhaps the OP can shed some light. @scifoc where did you purchase your sterling flavors from?

Yup a bit of research tells me I was off base - my apology

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Got it from here:


Thanks! I was being too specific in my search. I did search here and the intrawebs but couldn’t find much on this flavor.

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This has me thinking that diyvs has a reselling deal with SilverCloud/Apex… If this is a company unwilling to associate with vaping, they would demand a renaming, much like MF/Lotus. Sterling is an obvious rename possibility for Silver. I’m still awaiting reply from diyvs about what base they are in if anyone knows. Thoughts?

Your logic appears to be solid, would need to test both brands personally before any definative conclusions could be drawn… The blue raspberry by silver cloud was actually quite good once the alcohol dissapated.

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