Recipe for Calipter Cow

Greetings from Germany, I’m having withdrawls, my Calipter Cow Liquid ran out, but I have the single Aromas that are mixed in it, searching for a Recipe that could possibly get me started and then I could fine it up drop wise until I have something similar to Calipter Cow, apparently, by the www., this Liquid is not avaiable in the USA under the same name, am quite sure there is some other very similar Liquid there. Could someone please help me out? All I know from this Liquid from thier Homepage is that 'Peanutbutter and Vanilla are the ingredients, same as with Monkey Island Liquid.
Calipter Cow = // Monkey Island =

I haven’t had the liquid, but a similar flavor profile is in @Mourning_Glory’s Moon Butter recipe and in @kaptainemerica’s Milk and Honey Clone. Here’s some recipes on ELR that have peanut butter and vanilla in them. Hopefully that will help get you started.


Isn’t it “Calpitter Chow”?

There is one clone here:

Though it sounds like it needs some nuttyness and some sweetness…

Side note: Mom & Pops has a Calipitter Chow flavor: which is supposedly good, but fades…

Calpitter Chow is similar, but has Caramel as Aroma ingredient also

Yeeesss, I do believe these two Recipes will get me somewhere, I thank you so much!!!

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Twisted aroma
Calipter Cow
Our Twisted aroma Calipter Cow is a composition of peanut and vanilla.
Dosing recommendation: 11% - 16%
Calpiter Cow is Original from Twisted Vaping, Calpitter Chow is Original from Mom & Pop’s

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