Recipe help please

Agree 100%! It is a personal preference and choice. I don’t use it because I don’t do well with artificial sweeteners, but I do use sweet flavours to help a mix at times.


I guess your right about
Joel…I just thought it was a bit much at the time. I don’t mean to point anyone out either just seemed like he was serious. Idk. And to tell you the honest truth I’ve mixed up a few of waynes mixes without substitute anything and
They’re really not that great to me anyway. Gives alot of good advice but to mix up as many as I have and not enjoy them idk. And I notice even HE says to put more Sweetner he never does in his own. So ur right to each their own. And the worst that could happen is I make another one of these and have to toss it. This is what happens when you try to teach urself…let’s just say over this past year…alot has made it’s way down the drain. More than I’ve kept…lol plz excuse the sideways pic but you get the idea…


That is the best way to learn, through experimentation and failure, as long as you learn something you are doing it right. Its not wrong to take advice from others just as long as you take i for what it is, another persons opinion.

I wasnt trying to run Wayne down, sorry if it seemed that way. He has helped a lot of people stop smoking and that is what its all about. While he and i agree on some things we disagree on just as many because so many things about this hobby are subjective.

And in the beginning many of my mistakes were unvapable so i kept a large bottle of Menthol (TPA) on my mixing bench so that i could add menthol until it was all i could taste. The difference between then and now is that most of my mistakes are completely vapable. That happened trough experimentation and failure as well as a lot of time.

I dont know how many flavors i have tossed out or given away but it has been a lot, a lot lot. Not just in the past but now too. We all do, its the nature of this beast we call a hobby.


Some people love his recipes, I have mixed a few but was never really a huge fan of most. He has a lot of knowledge, is a good businessman and managed to use the same squonker for like 4 years. Some would say he contradicts himself and I have noticed that but he seems to be no different, figuring as he goes. He was just smart enough to monetize his knowledge


Damn right he is smart!
He’s got enough subscribers to take care of his family and make mixing his full time job! While being @home! That’s like a dream!!