Recipe Level & Compare & group | feature request

Hey everyone, i’ve been using the ELR Recipes to help me learn mixing and learn from others. here are couple of things on my wish list - when i’m mixing & have ELR open on the screen, i find myself saying “i wish i can…”

1 - Recipe level in the main list and in search: sometimes i just want to mix a quick (basic) recipe and see what others have experimented with - sometimes i’m on a journey for the complex thing - i wish there’s a way to mark a recipe as Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Complex (or something like that - can be level 1, 2, 3…so on) based on the number of flavors maybe? then when someone searches, they can quickly filter to the level they’re on now in their journey.

2 - recipe compare: you started improving and now have v1, v2, v15…etc - would it be nice to compare some of them side-by-side, so in a new version, you don’t make the same mix change you already tried before cause you just don’t see it - or if you’d like to compare how different versions taste as you vape them and take notes for your new version. ( i currently do this by opening each recipe in a browser window then tile them all)

3 - editing a recipe, entering flavors, please can we use the text box with increase/decrease similar to the nic base and PG/VG ? would make it easier to adjust flavor % especially if you use an ipad or some other device

Edit: (sorry had this in the title, but forgot to add it)
4 - Grouping Recipes within the user’s page/list: would be great if the user is able to create a “group” (lie a subfolder) and use it to keep all versions or variants of a certain recipe/flavor. someone can use it to store variants of Strawberry Banana’s, then another for Coffee’s, another Tobacco - another can use this to keep versions of the same recipe stored together to keep the main list tidy.

and thanks to you all, ELR continues to be both a wonderful tool and the best place be to learn & enjoy DIY - you guys make this so much fun.

  1. I guess it could be done with # of flavors, as you mention… I’ll have to think on that - best to have an automated system for this, I guess…

  2. There will be recipe versions at some point so that you can go back in time and see what you’ve changed etc :slight_smile:

  3. That might be possible - I thought it already did that, but I guess not :slight_smile:

  4. I’ve folders planned both for your own recipes and for your favorites :slight_smile:

Hopefully I’ll be able to do some work on ELR very soon :slight_smile:


wonderful … very happy to know these are coming. you’re awesome! (and ELR too)


@daath I’ve run out of likes so have a :corn: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: