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Recipe Recycle Bin


Just out of curiosity was wondering if having a thread on recipes your ditching and have tried but need tweaking and yet your ready to move on …why not recycle them ? Some say one man’s trash is another’s treasure. We should dump our " trash " here and see if something beautiful can come out of it…Eh ya game ?

I’ll start ( I could fill this thread up lol )

Irish rabbit

Ingredient %
Dairy Milk (TPA) 1.76
Irish Cream (FA) 1.5
Marshmallow (CAP) 1
Meringue (FA) 2
Silly Rabbit (TPA) 3

Flavor total: 9.26%

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Don’t hate it but also don’t love it…Irish Cream FA is boozy cream not mint cream…so kinda a fruity creamy slightly drunk rabbit…hmm what was I thinking…again not terrible but needs a new home.

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I haven’t given up on this, but it needs work. I’d like to make it a bit more “doughnutty” and boost the coffee a tiny bit:


Ingredient %
Chocolate Glazed Doughnut (CAP) 5
Cream Fresh (FA) 1
Dark Bean (Coffee Espresso) (FA) 0.7
Hazel Grove (Hazelnut) (FA) 0.5
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 2

Flavor total: 9.2%

Actually, I think this is what I will try next:


Ingredient %
Booster (Tiramisu) (FA) 0.3
Chocolate Glazed Doughnut (CAP) 5
Cream Fresh (FA) 1
Dark Bean (Coffee Espresso) (FA) 0.5
Glazed Donut (TPA) 1
Hazel Grove (Hazelnut) (FA) 0.5
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 2

Flavor total: 10.3%

Exelent idear for a thread. :ok_hand:


Excellent idea Amy and you never know what will turn out to be someone else’s ADV


Good I was beginning to think oh man my idea must be dumb no one replied lol. I get a lot of ppl who say they look at each other’s recipes for ideas and inspiration…Well what’s better than a partial recipe right , half way there !



Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (CAP) 2
Cake Batter (LA) 4.25
Cookies and Cream (Real Flavors) 5
Cream Cheese Icing (LA) 1.25
CreamStone v1 1.25
Vanilla Frosting (OOO) 2.75

Flavor total: 16.5%

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Needs something else …prob cookie it is hard to put down in the first week but it’s also cookies & cream over board.

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I’m sure I’ve got many of these floating around. Good idea. :slight_smile: Next time I’ll post here before I delete.

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really sorry for the ridiculous question but how are you guys posting these recipes in this format? When I try to, they come out weird looking.

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I choose the copy as Html ( text )

It does look weird and then hit post

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Ok so it only looks different in the writing section and when you hit reply it looks like yours…if you hear a loud thud…that’s me smacking myself in the forehead lol


I don’t want to give up or toss this one out because it reminds me of strawberry shortcake birthday cake :yum: but this one is def missing something. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Squirrel Sauce

Ingredient %
Almond (FA) 1.5
Nonna's Cake (FA) 3.5
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 5

Flavor total: 10%

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Just looking at this makes me think…

change Almond to 1%
add Marzipan at 0.45%
add fresh cream 0.50%

don’t want to offend…but this is kinda where I was headed w/ the thread…where 4 eyes are better than 2 :wink:


Awesome. Thank you :blush: I will give it a shot tonight!

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Do you by chance have Vaniila Tahity FA ?


btw…what is creamstone v1? one of your bases?

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indeed I do

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Add it at 0.50-1% instead of the fresh cream it is an almond vanilla !

Creamstone V1 is @Alisa her wonderful creation.

She doesn’t have it posted…I have it written down somewhere.

I’ll find it and PM you it.

Edit: it was under just creamstone :wink:


cool. thanks for the tips :smile:

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I have many i could share but im on mobile so the copy html (text) button doesnt work :frowning: girlfriends asleep right now but once she goes to work in the AM i will definitely share some of my near forgotten projects ive bout given up on… I keep them on my page private incase i do decide to go back to it but they are mostly recipes i had inspiration for but none of the knowledge to back it at the time… Most i have restarted and went about completely different with much more success. Example being my Clockwork Grey… Dumped 60ml of it so far and havent tried since… Let them steep over two months before dumping the orange blossom was just too floral for me even at .5% damn amoretti and their insanely strong blossom… If i try again itll just be a drop or two for a bottle tops or perhaps ill dilute it to 10% in some pg so its more workable by weight…