Recipe request - Dashvape cigerello

I have been at my 5 attemps trying to reproduce this flavor:

So I am trying my luck.
Please help!


My heart goes out to you. I know what it’s like trying to replicate one of your favorite commercial juices. I’ve never had this one so I can’t even begin to help. I can ask some questions that might put you on the right track and hopefully some of the tobacco mixers here will jump in.

I read some reviews and one said it tasted like Halo Tribeca. If that really is the case, I can make life easier for you and suggest you try Flavor Jungle’s One Shot, Tribekka. I use it at 13%, not the recommended 16% but you need to experiment for yourself.

ETA: read the reviews on it.
Also, they always have One Shot discount sales so keep your eyes open. They might even honor an ELR discount. check our Resource Page.


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Might be able to do something with this:

Drop the apple, menthol and cherry and just mix the tobacco base along with Graham Cracker Clear TPA and a bit of Marshamallow. It isnt a clone or anything but this fella was one of the best mixers around.

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Nice idea, Ken!


Oh shoot, just remembered that Gold Ducat changed formulation and INW fans are not happy about it. Can’t hurt to try, though.


Funny you should say that. I bought it,tested it and thought I don’t understand what all the praise was about. I got bugger all tobacco but did get the nutty aspect in spades.
Might explain my thoughts.


Welcome to the jungle, there’s some scary smart people here, have fun


Couldn’t find the description, probably Dashvape just closed the business (I did hear something about it, but not really sure)
I don’t see it as a very difficult profile, why don’t yu post your attempts so we can evaluate which direction you took.

I’d start simple to then deepen the aspects you prefer, at the end it’s what mixing is about, creating a liquid that suites… you!

The most difficult part will be to get a cigar that’s close enough or you like.
I’d personally start with Inawera Cuban cigar (it’s an absolute, extracted from the raw tobacco concrete) or FA Cuban, or Stixx Mixx NETs he’s got honduran ligero that could go close to a cigarillo (push it high… 7-8%) any hard core cigar flavor will do, it’s going to be lightened by the MM.

Marshmallow it’s straight forward, I’d personally go for a Vanilla MM like FLV or OOO to give it a “Cafe creme” taste, layered with FA Marshmallow, but you could use a straight Marshmallow, FA (malty) or FLV/WF (good mouthfeel).

Graham Cracker or FW (body) or a TPA Clear, keep it low it’s just there to dry things up.

Just with those hints you should get it close enough, Cigar=head note, MM=Body, GC=accent.

Commercial liquids are not overly complicated but you’ll never get it exactly like it, you’ll get it close enough to your liking, usually around 80% - 85%, (100% liking though) this happens after 7-10 attempts (to then go back to your first one… :rofl: )
My 2c


Hey there read what he said :point_up: :point_up_2:. I don’t have a lot of experience with creating or cloning cigar profiles, but I do know that of the few cigar based commercial recipes that I’ve seen, one of the most used base flavors is @3-4% Cigarillo (TPA or TFA) or Cubano. Usually paired with another tobacco to bring in some mid level tobacco notes like .75-1% TPA Black Honey which would pair well with something like Graham Cracker Clear. Now you could also try an all TFA recipe with something like a 3:2% TFA Marshmallow/Toasted Marshmallow combo. And then pair that up with either 2-3% TFA Graham Cracker Clear (if the original GC is in anyway forward) or 2% TFA Graham Cracker if the GC is more full but subdued in the original. Heck even mix it up and use a little of both GC. I would even try to add some chocolate/mocha notes for a bid of a S’mores based Cigarello. First of all have fun with it try combining a lot of different flavors until you find something that tickles your fancy.


Nutty? Are you thinking about 555 Gold? That tastes like straight up Peanut Butter to me (in a good way). Gold Ducat gets described as a sweet tobacco with a touch of maggi or a mix of Golden Virginia and Cavendish. Some people taste prune/raisin…sweet touch of white wine.


Apologies @muth you are correct. I just checked my notes and I had confused the two.
I mixed Gold Ducat@3% but only got the faintest tobacco with a plum hint? Whilst it was the 555 Gold @4% that I tasted a greasy peanut from.
I should have checked myself before blundering in and posting bulldust.


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Thank you so much guys for the comments and help! I know it’s pretty hard to help me clone a flavor when you haven’t taste it, so thanks again.
Was able to nailed the Graham flavor yesterday.
Capella Graham Cracker at 2%. The missing ingredient was also acetyl pyrazine 1%.
Vaping the original liquid and my clone back to back, I knew that I was successful because the graham flavor that I liked so much just disappeared in both vape… The missing flavor now is only the tobacco.
Since I got away from diy in the last years, I had to reorder a bunch of tobacco flavoring. Will see how it goes!
Ken_O_Where, Iv3shf, McDuckie Thank you, that really help!
Gazza7 Can’t really tell why I like that liquid so much. I guess it’s the graham. First time vaping it was actually pretty disappointing. Fell in love a week later. Go figure :slight_smile:


Oh pooh, I could care less. Although, I wouldn’t want certain people getting confused. Most tobaccos take a long steep and I mean long. People complain about creams and custards but bacco is a bitch. Read Kindground’s notes on the 555 Gold. Honestly, it’s not tobacco forward at all, mostly peanuts.

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