Recipe Share: Pecan Crunch

Hi! I am new to this forum, and wanted to kick it off with a recipe I made that I am certain you will love. It was inspired by Alisa, who made Bust-a-Nut, which is a simple and great recipe. So originally, I wanted to focus specifically on the Butter Pecan. But in many recipes, when you start with an idea, you may end up with something different than what you were originally trying to achieve. This is the case, but I am very surprised at how well it turned out.

I don’t know how to get my recipes shared (and so people can see them easily) in the format it was made on this site yet, but I was so very anxious, and wanted to get it out there. So without any further ado, here it is:

5% - Butter Pecan - Flavor West
4% - Cereal 27 - Capella
2% - Vanilla Bean Ice Cream - Capella
1% - Sweet Cream - The Flavor Apprentice
1% - Aged Bourbon Cream - Real Flavors
1.5% - Salted Caramel - Flavor West
1.5% - Caramel Toffee - Hangsen
1% - Butter - Flavorart

Please, I really want to know how to use this site, so bare with me, and help me succeed in sharing, and growing as a new DIY’er and as a noob to e-liquid-recipes.


Here is the link to the recipe (now that I know a little more about this site):

I am still trying to figure this out, and hope this is a hyperlink instead of something you have to copy n paste


Sounds like a very tasty recipe and if I had all the flavors, I’d definitely give it a go. To share this recipe properly, enter your flavors in “My stash” in the User menu, use the create recipe link on the website and post the link here (make sure it’s public by unchecking the private recipe checkbox). It’s easier for people then to adjust the recipe to their nic and pg/vg preferences.

The best way to start is straight from the beginning. You’ll find the guide to this website on It’ll just take a few minutes to read through all of it and will make you familiar with most of the functionality of the site. The rest is just pretty much familiarizing yourself with the site and the experience and knowledge will come soon enough.

To jump start your mixing, check out the category E-liquids > Beginners (even though I have a feeling you already have a bit of a grasp of what you’re doing). Have a look through the other categories as well. This forum is really stuffed with useful information. If you’re looking for something specific, use the search function and if you can’t find the answer, just ask and there’s a large community here to help you.

Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay :slight_smile:


That reads like a heavenly mix!!
Will definitely have to try that once I find a sub for FW Butter Pecan!


Awe cool man, thanks!
I was browsing around a while ago trying to get used to the way the site helps you navigate. I am amazed at just how many menu/sub-menu options there are! I have to really get used to the way a new page opens every time I select a menu option.

I wish I would’ve tried this when I first started DIY, I seen it a while ago, but hated the ads. I would’ve saved a bunch of money too haha.


Butter Pecan is the star of the show IMO. What a great flavor. Most of the ingredients are there to either support it, or intensify it. But hey, maybe you could use the remaining ingredients for just about any nut. Heck, I’d be willing to bet you could slip a fruit in place of the B.P. and have fun with it, but the Butter might have to go. Then again, the Butter works well with the Cereal. Anyway, I love DIY


I don’t know how I did this, I even did it in the original recipe build in the e-liquid recipe manager. The CEREAL 27 is 2%. That’s the way I had it in my recipe manager app, and that is the way it’s supposed to be. I was going off memory when writing it up on e-liquid, and I must of been thinking of another recipe that I’m building. And the Cereal 27 is the star in that recipe. In this recipe, it is a supporting flavor die to its built in milky properties. I hope nobody is affected.

That’s what I get by using two separate apps I guess. My sincere apologies. If it’s any consolation, I did just enter in the recipe not even a day, and I’m a noob (I’ll take that criticism).

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Oh I agree! I like it it a ĺot!
The problem is, it hates me. (physically)

I’m hoping that Purilum’s BP will take it’s place, but have yet to be able to verify the notion.

That looks yummy! :yum:

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We’ll now I’m wanna make an order with Purilum’s in it, to try it. Not sure what you mean “physically”, you don’t have access to it?

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Also, you did see the mistake I made right? I am so sorry about that. Please, if you make it, make sure it has the 2% Cereal 27, not the 5% typo error. Not sure how how much of an impact it has as far as steeping, but the 5% I had typed in accidentally is a lil too high. I tried it, but thought it was a little overboard. You could still taste everything, but still. I was doing to much multi-tasking when typing this up, and typed in 5%. I did it in my recipe maker too. But my recipe maker app on my phone has it at 2%, and that is how it was originally made.

Good luck and lemme know how Purilum’s works out friend

BTW, It doesn’t need steeping. It tastes so good right aways, and gets smoother over time

It truly is. I just cannot put it down! I’ve used it in my Smok tank, and my Tsunami, and my IJust2 a d it’s great in all of them. Truly a one of a kind vape. I have a bottle of Bust-a-Nut and Pecan Crunch, and I keep putting the Crunch back in my tank (s).


Can sub in TFA Butter (or any of your choice), but FlavourArt is simply a better choice in this recipe, it compliments the Butter Pecan. It is a more realistic butter. It’s not a “Butter Flavoring” type concentrate. It’s like real butter used for baking, and is a necessity in making Butter Pecan. When you make Butter Pecans, you use Pecans, Butter, and Salt. You don’t use butter flavoring (lol)

There is no sub for Caramel Toffee IMO. I couldn’t find a caramel that adds a caramelized effect, like in this recipe. I honestly don’t think there is a replacement. If you find one, let me know. I would love to hear your input.

DX Sweet Cream is used at 1%, but you can try increasing it if you’d like. I’ve found it is sweet and creamy enough, and don’t want it taking over the hint of Aged Bourbon Cream found in this recipe. BTW, I always use “DX” Sweet Cream in my recipes.

VBIC is a favorite of mine in making confectionary vapes, and compliments the caramels found in this recipe. This recipe wouldn’t be the same without it.

Aged Bourbon Cream is now one of my favorites to deepen creamy recipes. It is not a good flavor by itself IMO. It is a stout caramelish cream, and deepens the creams, intensifies the Butter Pecan, and compliments the caramels. Great flavoring, and I just wouldn’t wanna try this glorious recipe without it. However, you can probably do without, and would still be a great vape.

EDIT a day (+or- a few hrs) later: The Cereal 27 is another flavor that is required for this vape. I made a typo error when posting this recipe, having the Cereal at 5%. So I felt making the mix at 4 or 5% Cereal was necessary in case someone made the mistake of using that much Cereal. It was good, and I could still taste everything. This is because Cereal 27 has a sweet, bottom of the bowl milk flavor built in it. It’s a wonderful concentrate, but adds more throat hit to a vape. Be careful if you start increasing it. Caps Cereal 27 is a concentrate that is adjustable, and fun to play around with in this mix. Not sure how high you wanna go, but try playing with it.

If you liked Bust-a-Nut you’ll love this. Honestly tho, it doesn’t hold a candle to this recipe. But the kind lady who designed that recipe is a doll, and is ultimately who inspired me to make up this one. Thank you Alisa!

Meaning, there’s some molecular component in FW’s version that causes a bit of nausea (disagreement with me physically). =(

I did! And good (and quick) catch!!
No worries, and appreciate your updating us!

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And I know what you mean about some flavors agreeing with you. Anything that has Diacetyl in it makes my lungs swell as if I have a cold. So it’s vital that I avoid them. Not so sensitive to some of the other’s. But I do my best to avoid any harmful warning.

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This recipe looks good. I am mixing it up now. Welcome to the group. We have fun here. Please enjoy your new DIY journey.No need to be anxous. We were all noob’s at one time.


Great! And thanks for the encouragement. I’m vaping a blueberry cheesecake, lemon meringue, CinnApple Fritter, and I keep going back to the Crunch. It’s wonderful

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Oh, and please, lemme know what you think. It was a spur of the moment thing, and I perfected it in one day. I was vaping Bust-a-Nut by Alisa (who ultimately was the encouragement for my recipe), and I was trying to make something like it, but focussing on the Pecan. While at the same time, I was messing around with a Cereal 27 vape. So I thought why not put the 2 together. And walla! Took me a day to get what I wanted

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Ok i will let you know, once it steeps for a few days. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Awesome, I love it. You can steep it, but it is a Shake-n-vape. The Cereal pops out a lil more after a day. It’s really really good. You gotta have the Caramel Toffee tho. It’s a must in this recipe, and just doesn’t taste the same without it

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Purilum Butter Pecan is the BEST.