Recipe Share: Strawberries and Light Vanilla Cream

This simple recipe was put together for me by ID10D from DIY Reddit.

1% FA Fresh Cream
1% CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream
4.5% LB Vanilla ice cream
2% FA Strawberry
3.5% JF Strawberry Sweet

The strawberry is tart and sweetish yet gives a smooth throat hit. The cream is a light, subtle fluffy vanilla smoothy that provides a mellow and chilled out vape. This simple mix is definetly for people who don’t like peppery/cinammon or heavy vanilla creams or the harsh over-sweetened strawberry creams that use cloyingly heavy cream or overuse Bavarian cream. Subtlety in motion. Enjoy.


Thanks for sharing he’s the reason I got the JF Sweet Strawberry. I’m gonna try this.

Your welcome:wink: He’s the dude alright.