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That’s what I’ve done with 50ml mixes of Mustard Milk. Put it in 100ml bottles. I’ve nailed that one now and it’s a great mix.


No idea, sorry. It was over a year ago. I just remember being surprised because i had presumed it would taste like straight VG. It may have steeped longer than a month.


IMO it’s always better to make less than the max capacity of your bottle unless you plan on steeping it for a month or more. It will mix easier and steep faster. so if you care about that mix like 50 - 90% of the capacity of your bottle but I still recommend 10ml tester bottles they are handy for testing combinations of flavours. unless you have more than enough 30ml bottles on hand.
I now have TONS of 60 ml green glass bottles from buying stevia for my coffee


Agreed! It’s fairly common technique to leave at least 2-3ml out of your “amount to make” field. If I have a 50ml, my recipe will be 47 or 48ml. It helps when shaking the mix after mixing and along the testing, steeping. Some leave 25% or more air space so it realllly shakes well.


If you are looking for Dragon Fruit: INW and TFA have some of the best in my opinion. If you are looking for something with that in a recipe:

Madd Monsoon
TFA Dragon fruit 5%
INW Dragonfruit 2%
FA Monsoon 2-3%

It has a unique flavor that is just a flavor brick house! I just mixed 8 60 mil bottles of it. Down almost one now. It is great with a week steep even better longer. I just cannot keep my mitts off that long.