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Hello, i am new to vaping and making recipes. I am using ready VPG 50/50 base from Inawera with 6mg nicotine. The base consist 47% PG; 47% VG; 5% water and 6mg/ml nic. How to write recipe, because in website all ingredients need to write separate.

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Hello and welcome to the forum @tomkis :grinning:
What nicotine strength are you trying to make , 6mg is going to be impossible without adding additional nicotine because you are already at 6mg and any flavoring is going to dilute it even more.

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Thanks for responds :slight_smile:
I know that it will be less nic strenght, its ok for me:) But it will be good to have and this possibility for calculation with ready base and additional nicotine.

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Good , you will have to lower your nicotine strength based on the amount of flavoring you will use.You will have to check the max VG preference box on your settings.I included an example for you to see set at 5mg Nicotine strength of course the more flavoring percentages you use the less room for nicotine you will have so you may end up having to drop it down to 4mg , you will just have to try it and see.
The software used makes it foolproof for doing recipes but you can’t over ride it or trick it into making anything that isn’t possible with your base.
Here is an example of what you will have to do.You will always have to add “VG” But you can simply add your VG/PG base and it will increase your nicotine over what you have selected but I have to do the same when I use Liquid Labs Vapor Base and it works well.
Just click on the tab and hopefully you can see all the settings you need to check.

6mg test base for tomkis to see

Ingredient %
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 6
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 5
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 5

Flavor total: 16%

Remember to rate it at!

What are you wanting for your final PG/VG ratio?

I would start your recipe by putting your base in at 6mg, 50/50. The water shouldn’t make much difference. Then put in all your flavors and see where that takes you. You’ll have to play with the “Desired Strength” and “Desired PG” until the warning goes away. For example, if your flavors are around 20%, you’ll be able to make 4.8mg 60/40 PG/VG. If you want it closer to 50/50 the highest the strength will go is 3.6mg.

With the base you have, you’ll have to decide whether it’s more important to get the nicotine as high as possible or to keep the PG/VG ratio as close as possible or find somewhere in the middle.