Recipes just lacking

Hey guys. I’m new to diy and made like 15 flavors. Just kinda curious what to do. Seems like everything I make is just “missing” something. They all just seem thin, like vaping water with a hint of flavor or something, and nothing really stands out to at least make the flavors good. Don’t get me wrong, other than my failed attempts with coffee flavors(which I’m quickly learning is not me) none have tasted bad, and all are vapable, they just seem thin and feel like something more is needed


Can you post the recipe links here? Or post what flavor concentrates with manufacturer you are working with including % in mix, VG/PG ratio. Are these single flavor mixes? Or are you trying something a little more complex?


Did you smoke before you started vaping? If so, how long ago did you quit?
Smoking pretty much trashes your tastebuds and it takes a while for them to recover after you quit.


What are you vaping them on and what commercial juice where you vaping ?


All the above questions from these guys are important and can give us an idea of what part of your mixing can be improved or done differently. I’m sure you’ll be whipping up some rockin’ juices quite soon!


Definitely not singles. I’m doing like homemade smores, not by single concentrate but mixing Graham, double choc. Mallow sweetener. I did straw. Cheesecake (it was good, but didn’t taste like the title) I did a mixed berry cheesecake, choc. Cheesecake. Strawberry dipped in white chocolate. Stuff like that. None taste like what I think it should, but again they don’t taste bad, usually just tasting “thin”. It’s the only way I can describe it. They don’t have a thick full body that store bought a have. And some need something extra. Im generally around 15% flavor. Mainly doing like 65/35 mixes (I prefer way higher vg myself because I’m wanting to practice tricks) but I know pg carries flavors better, and my wife and best friend R counting on my juices to vape as well, so I mix for them knowing I can add extra vg separately for myself. Most of my flavors right now R vapewild flavors. I saw a good deal and jumped on it, classic noob. I’ve now got 4 cap flavs and going to build more

I smoked from 11 til about 5-6 weeks ago (turned 31 two weeks ago.). Got up to about 3 packs a day. Mom died a few months back, smoking was the main driving factor there. And my little princess (5 y.o.) went berzerk begging the wife and I to quit. So here we R.


We vaped like “unicorn” the “cannoli b” series, and our local vape shop home brew.

Chocolate is perhaps the most difficult flavor mix out there for me. My second most difficult flavor mix is cheesecake.Would be nice if we could see your flavor stash so some of us could recommend a recipe or two.

Flavor depends on your taste buds, your smell, your equipment and your juice.
Commercial juices are usually packed with flavor because they have to work in all equipment. DIY people usually use equipment that gets you the bests flavor, so a lot of DIY recipes have a lot less flavoring than what you see in commercial e-liquids.
Commercial e-liquids are also (most of the time) loaded with sweetener. It works a bit like salt in cooking and makes sure that people with bad taste buds can still taste some flavor. Once your taste buds and smell recuperate from the damage from smoking, you’ll start tasting better and you might even be put off by all the sweetness in those commercial liquids.

Give yourself some time to “acclimatize” to the new world of vaping. Maybe use some more sweetness in your DIY liquids, use a little higher % of flavors until you notice you don’t need that much anymore. Different vape equipment may also help getting more flavor, but that’s stuff that’ll come automatically. One common thing with vapers is that they’re always on the lookout for better gear :slight_smile:

Not sure if you’ve done it already, but there are quite a few threads on steeping e-liquids too. It’s a must and if you stick to steeping guidelines, your time will be rewarded with a pretty nice e-liquid.

@Brotherbob1 you’re forgetting coffee, very difficult flavor to get right too

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Oh yeah, coffee. Sheesh the coffee. Coffee and cream from vapewild was my
first must have for diy a few weeks back. I’m all about coffee. 5-6 pots a
day, and was sooo ready for different coffee mixes. No matter what, its
daggon burnt popcorn. And research shows me, I’m not the only one. So
bummed. I was able to create what I’m calling a white chocolate mocha with
whip, but really it’s nothing like it. I can’t explain the flavor, but the
ne of it kinda explains what I’ve added to create it, lol. It’s an ok vape,
just really started adding because I can’t stand the thought of trashing
something I just spent money on. We R on a VERY limited budget. 20%
service connected from the V.A.isn’t jack diddly

try a tiramisu flavor (fa, inw) and start low 0.5%-1%

Also, I’ll try to send a pic of my stash, but a breakdown simply. I have
v2 caramel and v2 vanilla custard from cap. I got caps super sweet. Then
all rest is vape wild flavors. “Coffee and cream” “creamy vanilla” “white
choc.” “Double choc.” “Whip cream” “cinnamon” “berries gone wild” “say
cheesecake” “just cookies dude” “cake wild” “strawberry” I have a few
loranns oils (tutti fruitty, apple, orange cream, bananna cream, pina
colada). I think that’s it guys

That’s not what people mean with showing your flavor stash :wink:

Then when you’re in your flavor stash, select that other people can look at your stash.


Obviously, you have to enter all your flavors in your stash manually. It has a lot of benefits, allows you to search for recipes that you can make and calculate the price of a recipe and of course, it’ll allow people to help you much more easily with your recipes

EDIT: yes I forgot this one too, thanks @woftam

Copy the link and paste it whenever someone asks you to look at your stash.
For me it’s in “My page/favorites” and not my recipes.

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Go to your stash page and check the box


Then go to your recipes page and copy the link

and paste it here

Edit : I was a bit slow :grinning:


Not sure if you’ve checked it out already, but there’s a very informative guide to this site, as well as a lot of very useful posts in the beginners forums that will help you greatly reduce the time needed to start making extraordinary recipes.
All this stuff is explained in there.

Its a learning curve you’re going to have to push through, a lot of my early recipes seemed really “thin” or flat. Boring, but vapable.

I don’t really have much good advice as to just keep going with it, you’ll find your way. Better flavorings are always a must, look at the flavor list and click the “recipes” sort bar. Will give you a good start which ones to pick up.

Also, if you’re going from store bought juice to DIY you’re going to probably want to up the sweetener a ton.

Ok. My stash has been created

Thank you for your service brother. :crossed_swords:
Navy vet here.

What a great community ELR is :point_up:
Lots of great information shared here.
Thanks everyone & @Thatvapemom I hopefully we will see you here frequently :heart:️ Good Luck & Good Mixing