Recipes with these flavors?

Hello guys!

I have the following flavors but i can’t seem to find any recipes that includes more than one of these flavors. Can anyone recommend some good recipes with these flavors? Thanks in advance!

DV (Decadent Vapours) Strawberry
DV Fruit Punch
DV Vanilla Francaise
CAP Sweet Strawberry
CAP New York Cheesecake v2
CAP Blueberry
CAP Blue Raspberry Candyfloss
CAP Sweet Creme
FA Raspberry
FA Tuttifrutti
FA Biscuit/Cookie

OK… Your list is a pretty common first buy actually. Try doing this:

Go Here:

Then click resource tab, then click flavor list

Then type in the flavor and make sure you hit the ratings button.

The most entered flavor of the ones you have will come to the top. Then click on that flavor with the highest number of recipes.

Once you get into the data base entry (say like Vanilla Custard Capella) go down to the recipe tab. And then hit the ratings button again.


I’ve already tried doing that, but only around 10 comes up when i remove the single flavor ones… But thank you :slight_smile:

You are going to have to do some cross referencing. The “what can I make” button from your flavor stash only works when you have a lot of flavors, I’m assuming you put all your flavors in your flavor stash and tried that?


Also, make sure you entered the flavors correctly into your stash.

for ex.

If you entered them in the incorrect format you will not get as many recipes.


Thanks for the replies guys.
@Maureeenie ah okay, i will try that then. And yes that’s exactly what i did :slight_smile:
@MisterSinner I did, thanks though :slight_smile:

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The hell is CAP blue raspberry candyfloss?


Just translated its danish name. I think it might be called “Blue raspberry candy cotton” instead


It’s probably delicious.

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Oh, ok, I thought if CAP made something I have not heard of, then hello “I WANT IT!!!”


Could probably make something work, but you’re missing a lot of supporting flavors. What kind of profile you going for? Berries and cream is a very easy one to make (even with the single fruit flavors you have). You try looking at the flavor list for the ones that you do have and look at the tasting notes? Some of them will have decent notes on where to start with on that flavor, depending on what you’re mixing it with.

An example from the NY Cheesecake notes:
I mix this at15% with strawberry 5%

That list is loaded with things like this.

Things like whaaa???

That’s a lot of flavoring… don’t worry, you WILL start to use less lol.

I doubt that I would ever use anything at that percentage, I was just using that as an example, it IS a rather poor one in hindsight. Lol

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I guess the only thing I should say at this point is:

Mixing liquid is something you have to commit yourself to. If I had to put the experience in one phrase I would say “Chance Favors the Prepared Mind”.

You will have the best experience if you research, read and use the information on this site to make really popular recipes first and only buy the things to make those recipes before you invest a lot of money.

You are going to make some liquid you will not thoroughly enjoy and you have to be ready for that until you get your base, nicotine and general “feel” for percentages of flavorings that are palatable to you personally.

You don’t have a lot of money invested yet. (Trust me on this one) If I’m you, I stop and find those recipes first and make sure you have all the flavors to make those recipes in your flavor profile. If you do that you will have success much sooner and you wont get discouraged and you will save more money than you can imagine.

I am allowed to lecture on this subject because I spent a lot of money trying to clone before I knew anything about the best way of skinning this cat.

You have time to tweek, create and add things to those good recipes later.


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This is pretty much how I started, looked over the public recipes sorted by popularity, and made my first flavor order from there. After doing the requisite single flavor tests, I started branching out and creating and cloning on my own. Preparedness is definitely something I use throughout my daily grind (I’m an engineer), and it serves me well in this area as well. I’m definitely sticking with this and I thoroughly enjoy learning as I go!

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Well, you are way ahead of where I was lol

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I read a lot of threads from a lot of forums before I jumped in (preparedness, bordering on ocd) lol. This site in particular, and the people on it, have done more for me than chucking a grand worth of mixes into the trash! Lol
Thank you and everyone else here for helping the noobs! I always say, “no one is born knowing this stuff!”, some people just tend to forget that they were a noob at some point too!