Recipie help for a noob and adding sweetener

Im at 70/30 vg pg

40/60 pg vg here.
When I first started vaping in April 2015 I used sweetener in all my mixes running a Geni tank and a Melo, but after getting better tanks and mods and using more wattage I stopped using any sweetener. All of my juice seems to be sometimes to sweet.

I’m still playing around with adding sweet. One thing I’ve read and trying is starting out low on the marshllow…like 0.5 from either FA or tpa. You can always add more.

I’m also playing with add more of the supporting characters like brown sugar, graham cracker, maple syrup. Even adding rassberry FA to a strawberry mix.

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I really try to strive for similar results, getting a sweetness from within the recipe as opposed to dumping sugar on top, so to say. I typically don’t add sugar to a finished product in the terms of cooking, so i try to work a sweetness of some sort into the recipe itself. I’d say you’ve got the right foot forward.
But in the few recipes i’ve used it, i keep it low, less is more in my eyes as well.