Recipie help for a noob and adding sweetener

Thankyou so very much in advanced. The main goal is get that first all day vape / something I would be excited to hand to someone and say…try this, you may really like this. I know I am years away from retail flavors…but I think a few more posts and I will be within creating vape’able juices.

Recipes for 11/26/15

2% Bilberry FA and 2% FA Custard 70vg/30pg/3mgNic
3% Red Touch Strawberry %2 FA Custard 70vg/30pg/3mgNic
2% Orange FA 1% Tangerine FA 1% FA Custard 1% Caramel, 1%Vanilla, and .25% Clove FA. 70Vg/30pg/3mg Nic

Current Tests needing help

2% Butterscotch FA 1% Caramel FA 1% Vienna Cream 60vg/40pg/3mg Nic
Smells Great, Low flavor (previous batch 4%butterscotch 2 carm & 2% Vienna with same result and sitting in the drawer to steep for atleast another 2 weeks prior to pitching that bottle).
Is Vienna cream taking away flavor and should I switch it to Vanilla FA?

Hic’s Pot’o Gold Whiskey… Whiskey 1.5% FA, Caramel 1.5%, Cocoa 1% FA, Vienna Cream .75% FA, Custard .75% FA. After 8 days the whiskey has mellowed appropriatly, but the Custard or what was described as pudding has not taken over (supposed to mellow and pudding/custard flavor start to show at 2-5 days). I do think this one so far…and maybe it’s my taste buds, and maybe I need 5 more days.
Should I increase the custard to 1.5%…or maybe I need to sweeten this via an additive to carry the missing flavors (like just a touch to not sweeten but carry the flavor without changing the whiskey)

ChrisPDX Light Orangey. Orange 1% FA, Mandarin 1% FA, Vienna Cream 1%. 60vg/40pg/3mg Nic. After 24 hours started out light on taste, but almost there…like inches…and I was like Yay…a day or two or 1 week steeping could be a start to a good relationship to build upon. Welp, today…the orange/tangerine flavor lowered to my surprise. Vienna Cream didn’t really wake up either.
Is Vienna cream again taking away from the bright flavor of the orange and I need to switch to Vanilla FA?

Hic’s Complete Orange tictac…a confirmed shake and vape. Followed the recipe this time exactly. The flavor was almost spot on (for my taste) during the first 24hrs and figured either it would get better with time or I needed .25% flavor changes. Today to my surprise. The flavor lowered. Surely, I will let the bottle sit for a week and see. Anyone with experience with this recipe I would like advice on…should it really have dropped in perceived flavor? ( have more doubled the flavor sitting in the drawer…first vape on that had little to no flavor because increased the flaovoring by double…which for FA and my taste apparently doesn’t work).

So Far in my upcoming shopping basket…

-10 more 15ml bottles for testing (I need to start making side by side flavor variantes).
-5 more 30ml bottle to do longer tests of more the successful trials.
-Moer VG and PG.
1 30ml Sweet Strawberry from CAP. ( i know ppl swear by Ripe Strawberry but I think I need sweet based on the reviews and my desire for sweet tastes)
1 30ml Blueberry from I don’t know where…I need advice on a blueberry that gives this flavor on exhale…I am finding Billbery is great on the inhale and no where to be found at the end…want it also without the bad additives if possible.
1 30ml Bottle of Raspberry FA to help aid in flavoring for Red Touch Strawberry FA.
1 30 ml bottle of both V1 and V2 Custard from CAP. (seems like everyone says it can’t be beat).
1 bottle each of a brown sugar flavor and maple sryup…from a manufacture…probably FA if that have it.

Now for sweeteners…something I think I need to add to my cart. I think one issue is that I need something to carry the flavor and a sweetener would do that. Initially I was saying no…but now I think I need to try it out…at least until I get the rest of my mixing skills beyond Noob to intermediate. That being said, any advice? I have been thinking of something like Marshmallow from CAP (or somewhere…doesn’t seem like people are using FA to do the trick). I am also thinking about either Sucralose or Ethyl Vanillin.

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I like your approach. Low % is good. But it sounds like you could up some of the % a little bit if you feel the flavor fades a bit.

I haven’t noticed vienna cream muting other flavors…

Anise and peppermint fades a bit over time - All in all I’d say this is best vaped fresh :slight_smile: Maybe up the anise/peppermint a bit if you need to steep i a bit longer.

A combo of these two are good :slight_smile:

Raspberry is a great flavor by itself too - You might want to try looking at Cactus (Inawera) as well. I love that one - gives a juicyness :smile: Maybe straberry from inawera as well, but that is crazy strong, like 1 drop per 10 ml…

I don’t like v2 much myself. v1 all the way :smiley:

Brown Sugar (TPA) is popular, and Flavour Art has Maple :smile:

ANy marshmallow should sweeten up your mixes. I hear capella’s super sweet is ok, if you need a sweetener. Personally I don’t use any (other than marshmallow and Meringue (FA))…


Death. Thanks for the input. I’m looking for all the help I can get. I’m really trying to round out my diy tool box to get some good fruit vapes. I have a decent whiskey vape and an almost ther RY4 for which are almost boarder line fill up the tank and go. But the orange and other fruit vapes I am just struggling with.

I know. Everyone says look at the other recipies. Which they all look good but I can’t go high in the percents with FA because I can’t taste it so my sweet spot is 4-6 % flavoring. And everything on my first ever shopping trip was FA because I love there safety concept in not having the funny additives I can’t spell right now ( dyyethitalic and acetone and so on).

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Marshmallow is what I use for sweetener too. Always use 2% or less. Apparently Marshmallow can contain small amounts of Maltol which is much like EM. EM will mute other flavors so keep the amounts of even marshmallow low. I’ve heard many say Sweeteners often have a aftertaste that does not appeal to many. I have been trying not to use sweeteners but now and then you need to. Then, and only then I use marshmallow. Just do not use EM/Cotton Candy and you’ll do just fine…

Advice and your approach is pretty good in my book.
One Observation:
If I know the flavor, I go ahead and get 30 ml. If I have not actually tried the flavor, I buy less. Dram or around 10 ml. would work for me.

Blueberry : Could check out Blueberry Extra (TPA) or Blueberry (VZ)
Bilberry (FA): Mixed reviews on this one. Standalone or single. More reported success as part of a mix.

Thanks to all for the advice. I am really starting to love making my own juices, but hate it too because of the time. It’s that love hate relationship. It’s only taken me 20 attempt to get 3 almost vape’able.

I havnt done too much heat steeping. Just time. What do y’all think up doing heat steep on custards? If I mix today and heat steep. Should my first test be ok by Saturday ? I know I will need more days after that to really make a final decision…but to tell if I am on the right track.


Hi I have tried a ton of blueberry and the most recent one I worked with was FW’s it is very good at 3% in my fairy dust ll recipe it starts out strawberry and cream with a bb exhale ! It was pretty much a 24 hour shake n vape but has since gotten even better. The first version is similar just lighter on the bb.

Marshmallow is typically how I chose to sweeten but I will use 1 drop of it if it needs it.

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I have this super sweet (cap) that shit is way sweet. I use just a few drops and it works. I got 18 more flavors coming from Capella if they ever ship it lol. But question. I notice eveyone gos max vg or a major part is vg. I use to do all mine 50 50. Don’t you get more flovor with less vg ?

Now that sounds tasty!

They say pg is the better flavor carrier and vg is more of the increase of vaper and other. “Other” for me is a 50/50 mix gives me a sore throat. I read somewhere that some people thing vg also tastes a little sweet. I personally seem to do better at 60 to80 vg for how my throat feels. My challenge is that my favorite juices I have purchased are at 75 or 80% vg, however, I need to figure out how to get flavoring down first before I jump to 80vg20pg


I normally make all mine at 30/70 pg vg. But im still serching for my all day vape. I did a blackberry, black cherry and whipped cream. And that was really good. Just needed to be a little more sweeter to me. But im out of blackberry till my order comes in. So im dead there lol. But my nic leavel is down to 1 to 3 mg. When i started i was 18mg lmao. I was smoking 3 packs a day. Now i drip at 1mg and tank at 3mg. Anymore then that my throat would hurt

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Honestly i dont use sweetener but Sweet Strawberry does contain sucralose and i use it in a couple recipes.

From time to time ill add a 1% EM but it is rare. I use marshmallow once in awhile too but to smooth a harsh liquid.

I dont use sweeteners because they seem to increase the speed that i get vape tongue and i just dont like sweeteners.

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I like to look at mixing as a challenge and an enjoyable hobby (albeit, sometime tedious). When it becomes a chore, I think of all the good juice I’m going to get (and pass on in some cases) for hardly no cost to myself or others.
Sometimes you got stop and smell the roses.


I have Sucralose, Ethyl Maltol, and Marshmallow. I like Marshmallow above the rest. I use it at 1%-2% depending on how much I want to mute a recipe down vs sweeten it up. It’s a balance for me. I add Marshmallow last at .5% and go up from there til I hit my sweet spot.

@sillyrabbit - I’m surprised you’re at 50PG:50VG because it usually has a lot of throat hit but if it works for you I would totally stick with it. I did side-by-side tasting with two different flavors - blue raspberry and a lemon-lime flavor. Made each at both 50PG/50VG and 25PG/75VG. Both of the 50% VG flavors had flavor but hit harsh and both 75% VG were easy to vape. I had someone else do a blind taste test to make sure it wasn’t in my head. Only difference was my tester thought the VG raspberry had more flavor? Not to say this is a final answer for me but now I make most mixes at 70% VG. If you are fine at 50% VG that’s awesome - it should mean easier mixing and less coil gunk!

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@LordVapor - saw you’ve got a variety of sweetener flavors you use, could you add a little more feedback on them? Saw you ended upfavoring marshmallow - doesn’t that have its own flavor? And vape tongue - good point! Any you have tried that you would never repeat? I usually don’t sweeten but was thinking of EM crystals or just getting Cotton Candy from TFA (liquid EM) for a requested flavor from a friend …

MArshmallow doesn’t seem to change the flavor for me. Maybe it richens the mix just a tad. But from reading on here it is the preferred method for sweetening versus EM and Sucralose. Cotton candy is EM. It is the same thing from what I have read. I have a 30ml bottle of EM and a 30ml bottle of Sucralose I will probably never use for mixing. But I keep them around in case I want to sweeten a glass of tea or something to take a little bitterness out.

For sweetening EM, or Cotton Candy which is the same thing as @LordVapor said, is a no no. EM will mute other flavors and should not be used in mixes unless there is a need to mute other flavors. I use only Marshmallow when I feel I need sweetening and it does not effect taste that I have noticed. Even Marshmallow flavoring contains small amounts of Maltol (Much like EM) so you can not use much. I use 2% or less. Truth be told, if I can, I avoid blends that will need to be sweetened. This way I avoid additives that will mute my flavors…

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Thanks @ringling and @LordVapor. As I’m a fan of the “less is more” when it comes to flavoring I’ll leave EM out of my mixes based on your feedback. I’ll stock some marshmallow and see where that gets me. My friend likes really sweet juice, if a candy-flavored mix (like Pear Candy from TFA is what I’m thinking) doesn’t give it that sweetness, I’ll be willing to do 2% marshmallow. Any favorite vendor on the marshmallow or have you guys found them fairly comparable?

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I have TFA and it works fine for me.