Recomendations for sub tank mini coils

Best sub tank mini atomizer?

A friend gave me a couple gclapton atom brand coils a few weeks ago. I can run them higher wattage than the stock kanger atomizers at .5ohms and not get the burnt taste kanger atomizers give me. The flavor seems a bit better also.

Does anyone love a certain atomizer that fits the sub tank mini? I’m kind of liking the atom coils even though they seem to get mixed reviews.

I need to order some more soon, so I figured I’d ask the masses :slight_smile:

If those are the gold ones
I tried them not for me
I just build on the rba is all I use the subtank plus
I have 3 of the minis
But the plus just wicks better I guess the air to fluid ratio in 7ml tank I love mine for MTL which is how I vape
.7ohms 26 gauge just change cotton every 4 or 5 days and burn off coil . Coils later me 6 months sometimes and I vape heavy chain .

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Awesome, I appreciate your input.

I have four subtank mini’s, and am buying quite a few more in the coming couple months. So, I will have a pile of the included RBA decks. Those were going to be my go to once I ran out of kanger premade coils, since cotton and kanthal will be easy to buy still.

I used one when I first got it, but enjoy the convenience of just slapping a premade in. I think I’ll only buy maybe four or five packages of premades, then when those run out, just switch to the RBA. Maybe I can just sit down and build a bunch since i’ll have a good collection of them, so i only have to do it once every couple months. M

Thanks again for the input, I really appreciate it.

I have 3 minis in drawer try a plus if u can find one hard to find now
I am ordering extra glasses and rba from fast tech
Also offers rings they have a nock off
The plus really wicks much better than the mini

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