Recommend a new Battery Charger

Less than a month ago I bought a Nitecore i2 charger for my batteries. While on a road trip last week using the included car adapter one of my batteries vented and now only one port of the charger works. But while working it emits an electrical smell.

I know the nitecore comes highly recommended, but are there any others that you all have used with good results? One that is good to use in a vehicle and at home with 2 ports.


I honestly love my efest 4 bay.

Efest LUC V4 Battery Charger with Included Car Charge Cable


I actually just placed an order for the efest 4 bay.

thanks for the suggestion though. Definitely makes me feel a bit more confident in my choice.

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I think you’ll be happy with it. I tried both versions of the Nitecore chargers(Both I and D series). While they charged my batteries alright, they took forEVER to charge my batteries and got rather warm while doing so. I wound up replacing the I2 and D2 within 5 months of their purchase. When I got the LUC V4, I was peeved that I didn’t realize they were made/labelled by EFest but decided to try it out anyway. I’m glad to say that this month will mark it’s 2 year anniversary with me, and it’s showing no signs of stopping any time soon. It charges much quicker than the Nitcores ever did, thanks to the user-selectable charge rates of 0.5 or 1 amp across all four bays or 2 amps on the two inner bays. Even when using the 2 amp charge rate, the LUC V4 stays cooler than the Nitecore chargers ever did. All in all, a solid performer.


Xtar VC4 or Opus BT C-3100 are worth a look also :+1:

heres a nice review on the Opus:

And a review for the Xtar VC4:


I have both the Xtar VC4 and the Opus C-3100…I like the opus a bit more as it has more functions …you can discharge an charge…test…plus you can contol charge rate…I like chargering on ,50 amps…low an slow saves your batteries…

The Xtar is also good…it charges 4 batterie at .50 amps or 2 at one amp…but I charge 4 at a time…I had a nitecore prior for when I was charging batteries for my flash lites…it was ok but the build quality was so so…and I did not like the electronic that controled charging…it would heat up the batteries…to over comfortable hot…I dont charge thru the mods…I dont trust the chip inside…just never know…I also charge in safe boxes which are metal…just incase…and never leave home with batteries on a charger…

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Efest 6 battery charger works very well itvus the LUC V6