Recommendations for a Bakery + Strawberry + Dragonfruit + lemon mix?

Hello everyone, first of all i want to thank you all for the amazing content and recipies on this website - ive been having a blast mixing up some of your juices and its been so tasty. BUT I have come to the point where i kind of want to make something that i havent been able to find yet.

So first off i guess i will need to know if its even a good idea to make a strawberry dragonfruit lemon flavor - or if that will be too busy of a mix. I love all three of those fruits so i figure if they are mixed correctly theyd be tasty together. I LOVE bakery flavors so if i could turn it into some type of cookie, ice cream or cake flavor that would be ideal. I pretty much have most of the popular cream and bakery type flavorings and will list the fruit flavors i have below. Any help or recommendations for recipies is EXTREMELY appreciated! Happy mixing and thanks in advance if you decide/can help me :smiley:

Alright so here are the fruit flavors that i have to work with currently:
Dragonfruit (TPA)
Juicy Lemon (Cap)
lemon Meringue Pie (FW)
Lemon Sicily (FA)
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)
Sweet Strawberry (Cap)

(if you have any recommendations for fruits i should pick up in the future please let me know! I was thinking of making a creamy black cherry flavor in the future)

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While it doesn’t have sb in it @SthrnMixer 's The Munchies is a brilliant mix which I really really like I am sure you could work some strawberry in there but it really is good as is


awesome! Thanks for the suggestion, gonna go check it out right now :smiley:

Gah, dont have obaoba and Vienna Cream is coming in the mail, you have any subs for those i might be able to work in there?

Obaoba is pretty unique flavour a citrus vanilla kinda smarties shell hard to put your finger on the exact profile - while it doesn’t make the mix is certainly makes it better. Since you will be adding sb anyhow it wont be close the the original mix so you could leave it out. The v cream can be subbed for what you have. I do recommend that you make the original at some stage it is delicious.


awesome thanks! I have vienna cream on the way and oba oba is now in my cart! Should be albe to do the original mix in a week or two