Recommendations For Most Flavorful Ejuice ( commercial vendors )

From : @RaechelZ

I want a juice that if the most flavorful at a budget price. My profile is desert and fruits. I use a 30/70 ratio with 6 nicotine. Vapewild and Mt. Baker Vapor have provided poor results. Looking for a new vendor with cheap and flavorful ejuices.


this is a request from @RaechelZ i have recommended LB flavor cartridges and ECX one shots , im not too familiar with commercial nuice anymore so anyone that is any help would be great


Lb is good recommendation in my opinion.

I wouldn’t hesitate recommending their starter kit to friends and family… here’s a few recipes that use liquid barn flavors that me and friends like.

Roughly $0.61 to make 30ml

Roughly $1.01 to make a 30ml

Roughly $0.42 to make a 30ml

Roughly $0.61 to make 30ml


I’m looking for ejuice that’s already made. I’ve failed at DIY and need an ejuice supplier.


Some people seem to like adore elqiuid…for which they selll ready made and one shots. Mike vapes sells ejuice as well at hit that juice or something to that effect…look up his YouTube for more info.


He sells 100mls. I’m not buying 100 until I know it’s a good ejuice. Would prefer 30ml.

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do you still have you VG , PG and NIC

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Yes still have all supplies


if it were me id grab some of the Liquid Barn flavor cartridges like waynes water malone or quik, they also have tje more popular One Hit Wonder flavors and mr good vape , get the smallest sizes it actually xheap and you can male a shit load of juice


Im done trying DIY. Ive made over 30 recipes and they all taste like crap. Id rather buy premade ejuice.

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All those are - the cartridge and one shots are flavors for ejuice. I’ve messed up on 30 recipes why invest more? The cartridges are $16.

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It’s understandable and I can also see that having a couple commercials on hand is not bad, especially if your recipes are not satisfying just yet and shake and vape doesn’t work for you.

However, diy is more than throwing flavor A or B in a box and resulting in the holy grail of liquids within 20 minutes.

Unfortunately it takes a lot of patience, passion and time, as well as wanting to learn.

I mix every evening after work (4+ hrs/around 5-12 juices) for the last year’s and I like it alot, but even i as many others don’t have a 100% amazing juice everytime.

Some ideas take multiple attempts and versions, some are just lost cause.

I would never force anyone to mix, but if we all would have given up after 30 juices, nobody would be here anymore.

Maybe you can state how you mix, what you tried, issues occuring, steep times, percentage s, hardware etc. The whole 9 yards ya know lol.

Still grab a commercial but I think I’m the long run you might be happier mixing yourself and saving money, as well as customize it too your liking.

Commercial can get you only so far, unless you like vaping that same ol plastic strawberry every time something is labeled as such.

But that’s just my thought at the end of the day. i recommended the sauce la via pm earlier, since it’s good quality, budget price with their sales, and of course extremely flavorful, or as I call it in your face juice. Not sure about other places since I haven’t bought commercial in a long time.


I’ve tried recipes on here, recipes given in private, etc. and none of them are vapeable. I just need to know a good supplier to buy ejuice from. I’ve already wasted $150 on DIY stuff when it was just wasted. I’m on a budget, I can’t just keep buying more stuff to make unvapeable juice. I appreciate your kind words to keep at it but it’s not worth it anymore. I’ve already wasted too much by DIY.

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Everyone has different opinions on what percentages to use, nothing is consistent and I can’t make 3 bottles of the same juice with different percentages to see which one works. Some people say start at 5%, others say 8%, others say 15-20, and others give me recipes and none of it has worked.


Trust me been there done that. We all have.

It’s important to do single flavor testing. I know some people think we’re stupid and wasting time, every time we saying it, sadly it’s the truth.

Taste is subjective and I hate saying it, because it sounds like a dumb excuse or scripted evetytime, but even that unfortunately is the truth.

Take a shot glass and fill it with water, pour 1 drop of flavor in it, swish it around in your mouth and spit it out. Continue adding drops till you taste it.

Another method, grab cool whip, take a teaspoon full now add drops of flavoring. Count till satisfied.

Next method, grab 2.5 ml of by or 10ml of vg, drops of flavor and count.

Some people will just taste the concentrate, I do that too sometimes when I know it’s not a sc or alcohol based.

Of course all these methods don’t reflect the loss of flavoring when vaped, or shows how the flavor changes over time, but it’s a good indicator and gives you the base percentage you can build on/from/off.

When new to diy, I always recommend a 2-4 flavor only mix. Perfect that, then move to other and more flavorings as well as more complex recipes.

Learning to build from scratch helps you more, than copying recipes and not knowing why it’s done that way. None of the less, reading up on highly rated recipes with notes is very helpful.

Anyways, it doesn’t cost you more if you single test first, because as you said, you’re wasting more flavor trying, instead of finding your personal spot.

Either way you choose, I hope it’s satisfying at the end. If you like help im sure people are willing to answer, if you want commercial only, great too.

But I thought I add this, because diy and percentage is always misunderstood by a lot of people. There’s no flat and generalised numbers, but it can be a helping help most of the time.


How would I know the percentage based off a shot glass with water? And how would I know the percentage based off flavor in 10ml of PG? How does that relate to the final mix?

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@daath Whats with the Title: part? Thats weird…


It’s never precise till you actually test it, but it’s closer than guessing percentage based on someone’s recipe.

1 drop is roughly 0.15% (o.o2g)
4 drops is roughly 1% (o.10g)

Again it’s roughly, some people calculate it precisely but not me, when I just wanna first test a flavor.

So example, you dropping 8 drops into a 10ml glass of water means it’s roughly 2% you can start at.

Dropping the same amount in pure vg, means since you’re not vaping max vg, that you’ll taste it probably much earlier than 8 drops, so start at 1.5% in your mix etc.

You need to count from the first time you taste it, till it’s too much of a taste. That gives you a personal window to work with.

Take notes of everything, especially if vaping the mix later, only that lets you know if you need to in or decrease overall flavor of specific flavors. Also steep time is a factor, don’t assume that your mix is ready after 5 minutes, it will change over time.


So by using the 10ml method if I use 8 drops which would be 2% is it when I notice the flavor or when the flavor is satisfying? I can’t really do the PG because I don’t have a dripper.

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Noticing the flavor for the first time. Then write that down and keep adding drops, count till it’s too much or gets a off note etc. Write that down too, that gives you a personal window to work with.

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