Recommended Pg Vg liquid

I’ve recently bought some Pg and Vg from eBay. Seemed like a good price. I think it’s giving a harsher vape. Has anyone experienced different vapes from different manufactures?

This is the liquid.

That brand was recommended in a Youtube video I watched a long time ago. The guy seemed very knowledgable but I live in the US so I went with a US seller that has good liquid and 100% positive reviews. Have you tried vaping your PG and VG individually to see? Just put a little VG on a dripper and try it. Repeat with the PG. I did mine thinking the same thing and it ruled out my PG and VG as the culprits. I think I could actually vape 100% PG and it not hurt my throat too bad. What PG/VG ratio are you mixing at?


I’m not familiar with that brand but I normally get my VG and PG from

Generally mixing at 30pg 70 vg. Using a dripper to test mixes. Mainly use a tank for vaping.

I’ll try out the dripper test. Thanks

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Might want to mix in some nic in each too. Sometimes nic goes bad and becomes harsh.

I stick with Essential Depot for my VG. Ive found that the difference is pretty minimal and most often results in varying degrees of sweetness. Ive stuck with ES as it is what i first started mixing with, the owner of my local B&M gave me some. He also told me not to change anything about the recipe once you are satisfied with it so i have tried not to although i have switched nic vendors a couple times.