Recurve Squonk replacement bottles

I want to buy a couple of Recurve squonkers as I’m moving back to the US this summer, just in time for all the bullshit. The only bottles I can find for it are the green ones which really don’t look remotely good with the gunmetal mod. Has anyone found a third party bottle that works. I just spent the last 30 minutes looking through FT without luck. The problem is the specs for the bottles can be off depending on how they measure.

Maybe it’s just me, but for my squonks I tend to buy a lot of bottles as I don’t like swapping flavors.


Kidney Puncher, Mojo Vapors, and several other sites had some.
Best place to get authentic Recurve squonk bottles are from

4 Likes has some has some in the UK …also check
with Creme de Vape in UK has some

I bought a bunch a year or two ago. Some are a tad smaller (7ml)
but work well in my Recurve’s.


Also, has quite a few…just check the size/dimension

4 Likes try here?


Thanks for the info. The issue I’m having is finding accurate specs for the Recurve bottle. Wotofo doesn’t list it on their site. The only ones I’ve found are on FT. The width is 18mm which is close to a standard size but the length is listed as 35 mm. The problem is what are they measuring?

I measured some other bottles I have and 35mm is from the bottom to the top of the bottle itself, not the neck or the cap. Looking at lots of bottles the lengths vary quite widely which indicates there is no standard being applied. Hell, one listed at 84mm and I pulled the tube all the way to the end of one and it came in at 85mm…that’s a screwed up way to measure it.

Looking at the pic of the bottle I’ve got about 15 VT Inbox 3 bottles that might fit. I then found 8 YFTK silicone bottles I bought and never used. They look to be very close. I guess the only way will be to get a mod then measure the bottle.

One knock on the grey bottles are it’s hard to see into them. I prefer standard white/clear bottles.