Recycled Laptop Battery Packs

I recently came across a Youtube video about recycling laptop battery packs. I realized I had an old broken laptop so I ripped into it and for sure there were 6 18650 batteries in it. I tested the batteries and 5 of the 6 were salvageable. The thing is I’m having trouble finding info for these batteries. The 5 batteries read 4 volts each and I check the weight and they all were 42.6ish grams so they are not fakes. I just can’t find what amps they are. Any suggestion on how to find info. Here is what’s on the batteries.

Sanyo L UR18650Y

I can’t find any info either. Other than they’re 1900-2000 mAh.

This manufacturer claims to produce them:
They write 10A discharge… Which I’m guessing is in the neighborhood of correct.


No sub ohming with those. :disappointed:. Thanks for looking that up and the link.

I reclaimed appx 500 18650’s from laptop batt packs, every batt has been 10A. The best batts i have found have been Panny CGR18650D cells. I say they are the best because they are CGR’s a bit safer chemistry than ICR. They are the only reclaimed batts i have used for vaping and ive used them down to .6ohms.

The Y part indicates they are a cost saving model which means it has reduced cobalt content, less safe. I wouldnt recommend them for vaping but they are excellent for power banks. I have around 30 of these and 25 or so of the L model which is a little safer but i still wouldnt suggest they be used for vaping.

The Y’s are 2000mah and the F’s are 2500mah.


Don’t use those! Samsung 25r’s are six bucks a piece on And if you buy two you get a free case. Those aren’t high drain batteries like we use when vaping. Just really don’t use those. Plus without knowing the interior chemistry of them you could have a legit vent and fire with those.


Thanx a lot KO. How do I make a power bank? Any Links?

Thanx @tizzmahnizz. After @daath supplied the info earlier I knew vaping with those was a NoNo. I’m just trying to figure out what other use I could get from them.

I have a purchased quite a few from 2X186590 to 5X18650 from I bought these 2X18650 cases for gifts, they even have a half way decent LED. Its not the brightest but with the 2X18650’s it lasts a very very long time. USB charge port.

For the sake of knowledge: Li-Ni-Mn-Co

No problem man! I’d definitely go for the power bank idea. Or maybe you could make a boss flashlight

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Thanx KO, Great idea. This is how a forum should work. I can really use a couple power banks to. I always wanted one but never thought to buy it when I had extra $.

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Im always happy to help, no point in obtaining knowledge to keep to oneself. I have a couple cheap solar chargers too, they work perfect for charging the 2X18650 powerbanks.

Crazy how many batt packs i have cracked to find that all the batts were in working order and the boards had craped out. Or that all but 1 cell was in perfect working order. Laptop batt packs are made to fail.

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From what saw it only takes 1 bad battery to kill the whole pack.

Yep, pretty ridiculous IMO. No reason they shouldnt be able to function on 4 batts for a shorter period of time but of course they want you to buy a new one from them. Laptops and most integrated devices are made to be disposable, as an old school computer nerd that really bothers me.

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I think fasttech sells what u need for a power pack??


@Ken_O_Where got me hooked up with Thanx tho.

FT does sell some too, i ordered mine from DX way back before i had heard of FT. It took a month to get them from DX but that was over 2 years ago. FT is a little more expensive but they are a little nicer as well. Sort by lowest price first: