Red Hots type recipe help

Looking for assistance prior to ordering ingredients, I’m planning on a simple Red hots recipe that my step daughter has asked for.
Basically I was just looking at
Cinnamon Red Hot TPA and Meringue FA (of course I could use a different cream added if needed for body).
Just wondering if anyone had something they enjoyed vaping that was on the similar theme prior to making an ingredient order.

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I really really like TPA’s it’s just enough spicy red and a nice cinnamon. I believe it was @Jimk that encouraged me to buy it and I love it. Also I think he does use meringue in his recipe…I could be wrong. I chose to use cherries and meringue

Spicy red cherries

Ingredient %
Cherry (INAWERA) 3
Cinnamon Red Hot (TPA) 6
Marshmallow (FA) 1
Meringue (FA) 2

Flavor total: 12%

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I’m more of a cinnamon spice fan, but there’s a ton of recipes on this site for TPA Cinnamon Red Hot.

The fun part will be deciding what to mix with it. This one looks pretty interesting

Based on your ingredients I’m assuming you saw this one?

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Thanks @Amy2 I have the other 2 flavors you mentioned, I’ll try it… @zigz I was looking at that Hades Whip as a starting place… thx

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Be fore warned, the 11% TFA CRH in Hades Whip will clean out your sinuses in a hurry. My wife loves it, but it is a stiff vape.

TFA CRH will make the mix cloudy, so don’t be alarmed; it just doesn’t “play well” with VG…tastes great though. Plus, the cinnamon tends to separate in the mix and rise to the top. Shake well before each application, if your dripping or swirl your tank often.

Good luck!


I would start with Cinnamon Red Hot, add a touch of FA Peppermint, Vienna Cream, and Marshmallow. I have never tried CRH. Does it have a cherry flavor to it?

Instead of Pepermint I have already been thinking of possibly trying a touch of koolada

No cherry…just cinnamon red hot candy.

Cinnamon red hots and vanilla swirl, Red Hot Vanilla is the name of the recipe. Very good stuff!!

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