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As many of us know there are lots of giveaways on Reddit, thought we could post some of them for those that dont know. Most of these giveaways require your accounts be at least a few months old and active in the ECR sub. So here is a Misthub giveaway that ends 5/15/15, choice of tank, mod and juice:

USA ONLY Misthub Giveaway

Ends 5/15/15

Postem when you findem!

Some people think they are impossible to win, ive won three in the last couple years and i dont enter them often. Good luck!

@daath If this belongs elsewhere please move it as i dont know how to.


This is the right place - You click the pencil icon beside the title, then you can change the title and the category :slight_smile: At least I think that’s how it should be for you guys too :smile:

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Could add something like “USA only” to the title where appropriate to avoid frustration from this side of the pond?


I tried to move it to the “competitions and giveaways” category post section, but it wouldn’t work. A staff member has to put it in that category.

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That’s an even better place - I must have been tired when I wrote that last message :stuck_out_tongue: Moved! :smiley: hehe


Another giveaway, and a big one, for US only from All Time Vapor


So what we are doing is this:

Comment on this thread with the options that you want from our website (www.alltimevapor.com1 ) the winner will receive all of the below:

  1. 1 - IPV 4

  2. 1 - RDA authentic for your choice:

Mad Hatter

Mini Freakshow

Royal Hunter

(Please pick a color from our online store)

  1. 2 - 30ml premium E-liquids

(Please pick from anything you see on our online store)

  1. 2 batteries (please pick from anything you see on our online store)

  2. 1 - D2 charger

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Gotcha, from here on out if someone posts a giveaway please specify is US only.

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Another Misthub giveaway. RBA, Mod and Juice. USA Only



Sloth Sauce giveaway 3X30ml Unicorn bottles. Us or Canadian



Mistchief Vapor Grand Opening Giveaway - Two free 30ml bottles! Doesnt specify country.



Ecig Avenue Pick anything up to 100$ International Vapers welcome

Choose whatever you want giveaway!

Ecig Avenue1 Is giving away whatever you want this weekend.

Pick whatever you want from our site Ecig Avenue[2]

Your spending limit is $100.00 USD.

Here are some suggested ( but not limited to ) categories to check out:

Vape Mods[6]
Starter Kits[7]
Mech Mods[8]
APV Mods[9]
RDA Mods[10]
RBA Mods[11]

Note: This does not apply to special deals and coupon codes do not work for the total! If it’s out of stock then we can’t give it to you so keep that in mind as well.

Just comment what you want to win:

(example: IPV 4 with Kilo Cereal Milk 3mg)

(example: Matrix Sub tank, 0.25 coils and the rest with 3mg eLiquid variety)

One winner will be selected Tuesday Evening and random

Note: International reddit users are welcome to join!

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Man, you’re making me wish I had the guts to do reddit… LoL


Reddit aint so bad, quite a few trolls but many many more good people. It will happen here too as the site gets bigger, there is probably some law stating at what point this happens but i dont know it. There always has to be someone to piss on other peoples parades!

Makes me wonder if @daath has had to drop the ban hammer yet.


I think there should be a video “Singing Apology” rule put in place before someone actually gets banned! But, it has to come from the heart and be legit or you’re out.


ROFL! WAAAY back in the day i used to run some very large IRC channels, 5000+ people, on a network called Dalnet. Once i banned you you had to provide me with an apology and one of the TV shows i was looking for, back then IRC was one of the main extra-legal file sharing platforms. Very few people made it back in the channel as BJ and the Bear was a difficult show to find.


Velvet Cloud Vapor 5x15ml give away Doesnt specify USA only


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People here are exceptionally well mannered! I’ve deleted a post or two, but nothing serious. I hope it will stay like that for a long time :smile:


Me too, this place has been fantastic so far. One of the few places i look forward to logging into everyday.


This one is posted @ reddit …

but you go here to enter…

“This sweepstakes is open to everyone but If you live outside the USA you
will be required to pay shipping and handling to win a prize.”


So no one hitting up the reddit giveaways? I won a couple last week for liquids. One of them was for Seduce Juice Razzi Pop line, not my thing tho… The other was for some Bigglesworth Labs juice, finally found a tobacco juice i LOVE. In fact i really liked the whole line, all 4 liquids.

During the holiday season there are many many giveaways, next couple weeks will be a great time to check them out.