Reduce harshness of high nicotine juices

Hi Fellas,

Just accidentally made a big batch of 500ml @ 4.5mg…Now I cant vape anything above 3mg I get a bad harsh vape. What can I do to fix this back to 3mg? I know I can add like heaps of PG and VG but that is going to diminish the flavor isnt it?

Yes it will reduce the flavor if you do that - you could make another 250ml batch of no nic and add that to it to reduce it back to 3 mg

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You could probably turn that 500 @ 4.5mg into something like 700 or 750ml at 3mg. You’ll have to add a little more of the flavorings and either VG and/or PG but it shouldn’t be too hard to do.

lol Snap!!

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Your faster on the draw than me lol

Ya I thought of that, the container isnt big enough :cry: I still can maybe manage by transferring half into another 250ml bottle, but isnt that going to shift the balance of the flavor mixture in the bottles since they have not been steeped yet?

Ya it will. About the only way you can it do it is transfer 250ml to 2 bottles make another 250 ml and split that between the 2

that is some inception shit…but hey I have the bottles available… thanks for the advise :smiley:

Really depends on how many bottles you have… if you mix as @woftam said a 250 of 0mg then transfer half of it into a new 500 bottle… place 250ml your 4.5mg juice with it… then you can pour the rest of your 0mg into the original bottle (that was 500) you’ll have 2 bottles of 3mg 375ml in each.

Thanks for making it clear, silly me I get myself into these stupid problems. Thank God I have you guys :slight_smile:

Don’t thank us… we are probably wrong lol… I grabbed Cotton Candy instead of Coconut Candy this evening and didn’t catch myself until too late… hope I didn’t mess my juice up too much :stuck_out_tongue:


HAHAHA, Im sure you will find a way around it too :stuck_out_tongue:

This does not do the calculation you need but may help
click here for E Liquid Calculator link
You will need to mix 500ml of 1.5mg juice and mix them 1:1


What they all said about making more at 0 and mixing.

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Well how are you going to fix it?
My thought is (1.5+4.5)/2=3 so if you mix a batch of 1.5mg then mix it with equal parts of the 4.5mg you will have 3mg like you like. and you can do it in smaller batches too, like take a 120ml bottle and mix up 60ml of 1.5mg then add 60ml of your 4,5mg to it and you will have 120ml of 3mg.

i was just gonna day maybe the aliens calculator could help

The calculator is mainly for use to adjust flavors, I don’t have anything to calculate nicotine levels, or PG/VG ratios. Someday maybe :slight_smile:
A somewhat unused feature of the calculator is the recipe combiner, so if you ever notice your root beer cream tastes great with your watermelon cheesecake at 3:1 you can plug them together to make a new recipe. :slight_smile:

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have you tried that mix , is that why you put that there that one is a wierd combo but ive mixed some weird things and people liked it

no I was just making stuff up, but i have mixed some weird combo’s that taste interesting and wanted a way to recipe it

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the way i got into DIY REAL QUICK

started vaping and fell in love with cereal vapes especially fruity pebble fruit loop types so i bought everything that said that in the description and as you know some were baaaaad so i started mixing the commercial juice together a little of this and a little of that ( remember i had about 50 diff companies ) and made some super good ones and some ended up with zero taste lol so i looked up how to make e juice and here i am , pulling my hair out more than jumping up and down from excitement but loving every minute of it