Reduce Recipe Overall Percentage

I dont know if Im overthinking, underthinking or just not, but is there an easy way to reduce the overall percentage and have individual percentages reflected.

I recently made flavor bases of my recipes, tried at diff percentages and liked some at lower percentage. Is there a way to reflect this in my recipe?
Is there an ejuice calculator that would do this?
Is the math easier than I think to dividing all percentages?

Some of my recipes have become quite complicated with many flavors and partial percents but a simple Example:

Flavor 1 - 10.5%
Flavor 2 - 7.3%
Flavor 3 - 2.2%
Total 20%

And I want to change to 12% Total.

Thanks for any insights )

The math is pretty simple:

You have 20% your new target is 12%, so 12/20 = 0.6

Your new flavor percentages then becomes:

Flavor 1 - 10.5 * 0.6 = 6.3%
Flavor 2 - 7.3 * 0.6 = 4.38%
Flavor 3 - 2.2 * 0.6 = 1.32%

Total percentage: 12% :smile: ELR can’t do this at the moment, but in the guide on Wikivapia, under the flavor base I talk about how you can adjust recipes like that. ELR will probably have a feature to do this, at some point. More likely it will be an option under the blue wrench, where you can adjust total percentage.


Awesome. Thats pretty much what I was doing but simpler and reassuring now youve explained it. Thanks for that and the wiki link.

This will be helpful as it seems the more I tweak the recipe the higher the percentage goes so its useful to be able to drop it down while keeping the same ratios.

thanks again.

Here’s the long version of @daath’s math (nice ring to that!). When converting any recipe, first obtain your conversion factor using the equation "New % Yield / Old % Yield = Conversion Factor. Then multiply each ingredient by the Conversion Factor.

So: (New % Yield) 12 / (Old % Yield) 20 = (Conversion Factor) 0.6

A quick way to remember the equation order is to think: Would I like a brand new car or an old beat up car? Always take the new car “over” the old car.

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