Refrigerate PG VG?

spot on grubster (disagree on temp change statement but now is not the time)

Gold standard is (summarised from link in prev post reddit/diyejuice, botboy141)

  • PG/VG & flavours - A wine cellar(cool and dark) type area would be perfect - minimise your openings of bottles(therefore drip type dispenser great where you don’t have a wide mouth on the container)
  • Nicotine - (recommended to make batches to last a month) Freeze - Take out and defrost monthly batches then keep in the “cellar”

Unless we have data to show otherwise this is it. Get to as close as possible to this. Better then keeping in your car I think.

My VG is kept in freezer. It pours like thick syrup but… it’s ok.

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Leave my 5ltr VG in fridge and just transfer to 1ltr bottle when needed and same with PG, Nicotine in freezer and 100ml in fridge
Reason I put in fridge is bloody house always like a oven as I’m sure wife is cold blooded

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YES YES…and in a cool place out of any direct sunlight.
A bathroom or kitchen cabinet, under the sink, is ideal.
A walk-in pantry is ideal.

Nicotine is best kept in the freezer, and small amounts for use should be kept in the fridge.
Remove from fridge and let acclimate to room temp before use.

A wine fridge would be the perfect solution. For all your VG/PG and flavours.

I have a beer kegerator usually kept at 37 degrees would be good enough for the nic?
(so that way I won’t be freezing and thawing freezing and thawing etc.)
I bought a 1/2 doz. of 30 mil amber glass bottle today on Amazon to use for the mix ready nic.

the suggestion by others rather then freezing thawing freezing etc. is to make up small batches. then pull out each small batch as required. that way it’s only 1 cycle for each batch.

got it thanks Volition!:+1: