Refrigerate PG VG?

Should PG & VG be stored in the refrigerator ?


Can’t hurt. Will slow any deteriation, however will make it harder to mix cold. But, I’m sure you can work that problem out.

my flaves , pg and nic are all stored in fridge , the VG i do not its a pain and the gallon jugs dont fit well lol

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Thanks appreciate the help

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Yeah I 'll leave the VG out thanks!

You could always just put it out in the morning, etc. I mix only 1 a week at the moment so for 6 days it’s best to lengthen the shelf-life. It really doesn’t take long to come to room temperature and I’m never in a rush to mix. As i Always make more then I use. Especially if you just extract say 20-100ml. Just a thought.

Yeah I agree… that’s what I’ll do I usually mix like 5 or 6 , 30 mil batches so I can estimate how much I’ll need and then when I get home from work will be ready to use
thanks for the help!

Depending on your mix ratio your looking at about 150ml tops. Pour that out and within 30 minutes that’ll be at room temperature.

Got it thanks

Will that increase the deterioration process?

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Short answer no. I’ll let someone else explain.

I don’t rerig any of that stuff (just freeze my nic) but if I did I would just keep 150 - 350 ml out in a condiment style squeeze bottle that I use for my working sizes just like I keep 30 - 120ml of nic always at room temp in a yorker top bottle. Squeeze bottles make measuring by weight far easier/faster with less cleanup.


A no shall suffice, thanks :wink:


Here’s my thinking:

PG & VG are “humectant”, meaning it’s a substance that keeps things moist by attracting water.

For example, the moment a 100% USP grade 55 gal VG barrel is opened, it’s no longer 100% because of the moisture in the air.

Using this information as well as the science behind condensation; one would think that over time the purity of your PG/VG is going down and being diluted by dirty, dirty water (depending on how many times you remove it from the fridge/freezer and put it back in).


Optimal storage conditions for both PG and VG is room temperature :slight_smile:


got it thank s Donovan

PG no
VG no
1000mg nic Yes frozen
100mg nic Yes frozen
I keep 36 mg nic in bulk refrigerated and keep my working
36mg nic in the dark with my flavors, pg & vg in a small container to mix
Pyure Stevia yes

I have 1500 ml of nic so I’ll just keep what I need for mixing tomorrow and
refrigerate the rest
thanks Cosmic

Was being a tad cheeky. no offense just being a turd as I am want to do now and then. I had a quick search in google scholar for any data on storing either PG or VG couldn’t find anything. Googling gives me this as the best resource on the webs.
reddit on storage for diy e-liquids


No offence taken.

Taking something in and out of a fridge will cause degradation changing the temperatures can be bad.

As others have mentioned it seems a cool dark place away from direct sunlight and other chemicals is the way to go