Refrigerator steeping

Hi everybody.I m staying at very hot city in my country.Summer time, degree in the cupboard is coming to 30 Celcius.Becaus of that I m afraiding to steep my e-juices in there.I have a mini-refrigerator.Its temperature is between 12-15 C.So what do you think whether I m able to steep mu e-juices in my refrigerator or not?


30 degrees should not be a problem imo, it just steeps a bit faster at a higher temperature, it is only when it gets up to around 40-50 degrees it becomes a problem.


As far as I know it better to keep them at a temp of around 10-18 degrees Celsius.
What I would do is find a nice cool spot in your house and put the bottles there in a dark box. That should do the trick.
Also little tip if you have juices that have a long steep time and are afraid of nic. Degradation. Make your mix write the amount of nic. to add on the bottle, steep it and add nic. when done steeping give a good shake and happy vaping


I’m from tangerang indonesia, and what we call cool here is anything lower than 27 degree celsius …


You could get a cool-box, doesn’t refrigerate but keeps things cool.


thats a great question , i use a fridge to keep my flavor concentartes, nic and pg in but ive never thought about keeping finished product in there , i would think it would add a little time to the process but that an assumption , ill test this for you and make a juice that needs a steep

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A quick test could be two identical bottles with a long steep requirement (Custard?) Put one in the fridge. All good advice above. A Wine fridge keeps things cool without getting too cold and uses very little electricity. Look for a used one (Moving Sale!) I see them regularly in Thrift stores too.


exactly why i use this one