Regulation of Flavors in Tobacco Products (FDA) (Comment period now open until 7/19/2018)

Just a heads up, I really dislike government regulatory practices.


Grimm put this notice out yesterday for open comments to the FDA. To relay personal stories and comments in a civil manner since the FDA director wants to hear them. Links are in the vid.


here is a quote from the FDA scott gottlieb ( however you spell it )

"While a limited availability of flavors in reduced harm products such as e-cigarettes may play a role in encouraging smokers to quit, there is no role for products with youth-appealing names such as unicorn vomit, fruit loops or peanut butter and jelly.”

which i have always agreed with , i do think banning the use of these types of names should have happened long ago buy the industry itself


lets hope this is how people address their comments


He pretty much nailed it with this :metal:


cant get the video to load on my tablet. So looking for link on web and saw this.

Big tobacco pushed to give the fda the power it has over tobacco products… and attempt to hurt the vape industry… now it looks like the vape industry will have to save big tobacco. Or Newport will have to stop selling newport cigs…

Okay back to trying to find the link

Found another comment link


Found it

And the proposal


As a bit of an anarchist I agree with you, but government and others will always use the “children” to regulate and ban one way or the other, tobacco, guns, entertainment, etc. always a group mission to control ALL into their norm.


Left my 2 cents… wonder if it gets published


I have yet to see parents held accountable, something tells me at least 50% of them would buy them what they want. Can’t do a study on that as most will likely not admit it in fear of prosecution or refuse, I can only base it off of personal experience as a teenager lol.

But I am getting off topic, Yes there should be regulation on flavors but not to the degree of out right banning them because that will not solve much on both sides and to buy candy flavoring with a licence seems a bit ridiculous (if it comes to that which is a possibility, pure conjecture based on past history of regulatory authority for manufacturing) and the flavoring companies should be fighting this too not just the vaping community.

So basically what ever the U.S. does, Canada is sure to follow. Both countries need to fight this for our freedom and our health.


Heres the .gov link posted by Jennifer Berger Coleman… Page looks similar to your link but just in case… :+1: opportunity to comment ends 6/19/2018


Had a few minutes in between shoveling the ridiculous amount of snow and was able to send my comments over:

Thank you for taking the time to read my comments. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to have my personal thoughts and feelings on the proposed Regulation of Flavors in Tobacco Products be heard. For 25 years I poisoned my body and those around me with cigarettes. I gave honest effort to quit within those years. Nicotine gums, patches, lozenges and trying to quit “cold turkey” all failed. Dealing with the side effects from those cessation products was unbearable. There was absolutely no way I was going to ingest a medication like Chantix and worry about “suicidal tendencies” either. This July will mark my 3 year “Quit Date” anniversary. This would not be possible without e-cigarettes, e-cigarette products and the vaping community. Please take into consideration that at the time of this writing I am 40 years old. I am an adult capable of voting in elections, operating a motor vehicle, serving my community and making my own decisions. The most significant decision I had made so far was to quit combustible tobacco with vaping and flavored e-liquids. (Which are technically not tobacco “products” since they do not contain tobacco.) Adults enjoy sweets, candies, confections etc. Should we regulate or ban deserts in restaurants? These flavors and products have saved my life. I understand the concern with flavors in e-liquids and youth. However, regulating or banning these flavors will not deter or stop a young person from trying combustible tobacco or e-cigarette products. Only we, the adults, the parents, teachers, neighbors, responsible vendors can. I absolutely agree e-cigarette products should not be marketed to children. Meaning labels and names, not the actual flavors.
Please understand, you may believe you will be “saving” children and young adults by banning flavors, but in essence will be doing the exact opposite. Many people who quit smoking thanks to these flavors in e-liquids will most likely revert back to combustible tobacco if they are taken away. How will they be there to protect their children and the youth if they are once again at risk health wise and dying in mass numbers?
Thank you for your time.


Mine isn’t as elegant as yours but, here’s what I wrote

Don’t ban Flavors , Regulations okay in my book as long as the end result will make smoking and vaping safer for the consumer…

All this talk about it encourages youth to do something they shouldn’t be doing is a bunch of hot air… we’ve all been young. And in our youth we’ve all done things to rebel in our own ways… that’s part of growing up…

Flavored cig or e-cig is just another fad the younger generation is going thru… and by far a lot safer than some of the past inhalation experiments the younger generation has tried. If we were to ban everything that the younger generation tries that they shouldn’t… we would have to ban

Alcohol (a lot of teens drink, don’t think I was ever sober from 16-24)
Spray paint
Shoe polish
Nail polish remover

The list goes on …

So let’s not ban flavors. Let’s figure out how to make them safer for the ADULTS who use them !

This is my opinion.

But here’s a fact. If it wasn’t for flavored e-cig I would still be smoking 6+ packs of 99 cent cigar cigs each day…
Thx to ecigs my eliquid nic level is 6mg after 2yrs of vaping . When I started I was @ 24mg and wanting higher but local vape shop said for safety reasons they would not make anything higher than 24mg… and hope to be at 0mg nicotine this time next year… something nicotine patches and nicotine gum could never do…

Some of the Flavors I enjoy vaping

Strawberry cheesecake
Pregnant peach ( peach, vanilla ice cream , Vienna cream)
Apple pie
Chocolate glazed donut
Blue ice (blue raspberry, vanilla Ice cream, menthol)

I started smoking when I was 13, because my older sister started smoking Salem cigarettes we stole from our parents.
I started vaping when I was 41 and no longer smoke cigarettes…

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Provided info in the form !


Great points! Thanks for sharing :facepunch:


i dont think flavors should be regulated at all , however the names of commercial ejuice and the labels should be regulated imo , i know a few 18 to 20 year old kids rhat started vaping and the reason why was because they wanted to blow big clouds and do tricks im sure the younger than 18 crowd feels the same way


I want to agree with you and at the same time I wonder about the whole schema. I read posts where adults and elderly respond very positively to what I consider marketing to children. IMHO this is an adolescent society. It seems in vogue a act like children far into adulthood. So does this mean we all want to be policed like children and wish to continue to be tantalized with the sensation of being the “bad ass” kid on the block? Are we trying to be witty by circumventing authority when in essence we are the authority? Maybe we want to relegate authority to “someone else”? I guess if the government only regulated marketing practices it would be at least benign in regard to impact on the needs of the vaper. Would it accomplish anything beyond creating another bloated government body to support with taxes? Maybe we could get a vicarious feel good by imagining we did something.

I have no idea.


Well Done !

I also had a few minutes due to heavy rain here in the Central Valley of California so took a clue from you and submitted mine as well. Don’t want to clog up this thread with more verbiage, so my submission at this link:


I’m not going out of my way to be pessimistic about this but it seems like the FDA, like the FCC rolling out the demise of net-neutrality (same comment period yada yada yada), has already positioned itself to institute a ban on flavored tobacco products. Let’s be clear here, it seems pretty much directed at e-liquid, and for the sake of brevity, it doesn’t look good for a favorable “law” for vaping. I’m going to do my duty and comment yet I earnestly doubt any of the comments will be taken into consideration (i.e…net neutrality). Clearly the impact on such a law would kill the commercial e-liquid business and no doubt mortally wound vaping in this country. I doubt that they could stop DIY e-liquids w/o strict liquid nicotine regulations or prohibition, flavorings are impossible to prohibit as an entity, distinct from e-liquids.


Point #4 is great!


Bump… please take a few minutes to submit your comments on the proposed flavor ban here in the states by the FDA. (I believe you can participate if you are not in the states as well.) Refrain from cursing please lol. The director is willing to hear our voices. Make yours count.