Regulation of Flavors in Tobacco Products (FDA) (Comment period now open until 7/19/2018)

Super glad for the link, heres my wordy comment!
I started smoking when i was 16. It turned into a pack + habit a day. I tried various things to quit or cut down on smoking to no avail. In desperation, i followed the innovative progress of vaping and eventually jumped on board. I have been vaping for two years. I have not touched a cigarette in about 22 months. The biggest appeal was the wide variety of flavors, but little did i know, there was other more miraculous things about to happen. My chronic bronchitis went away, coughing is a thing of the past. I can breathe and chase my children around the house with out running out of breath. I do agree that suggestive names of juices that appeal to children is a fair thing to do away with. I do not agree that banning flavors would be beneficial to the fight to keep our children away from vaping. I believe we as parents have a duty to our kids to teach them about harmful things, to expose them to the harsh reality of life. I believe that vaping will keep me alive long enough to see my grandchildren play. I believe that vaping saved my life. I refuse to go back to cigarettes, but taking away flavor options will hinder my success. I believe vaping gives a better future to ourselves and the people around us.
It is an amazing thing when the people are asked to speak up about issues that directly affect us. Thank you for this.


This is worth sharing as he’s the architect of a vast amount of anti-vaping propaganda. It truly baffles me how this charlatan can be handed literally millions by the US government and various organisations.


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I just checked this a while ago and there was 187521 submissions but only 15000 accepted. I’m hoping it’s because there’s a big delay between submission and approvals otherwise it’s time for the tinfoil hats.

Just checked looks like mine got accepted



Looks like the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids have been getting their comments in too.