Remember 9-11


There have been years when I get pretty emotional about 9-11 and I don’t even know anyone from New York. I will never forget. It is the Pearl Harbor for my generation (my dad was in the Navy and got transferred away from Pearl Harbor about 30 days before it occurred so Pearl Harbor Day was big our house). This year is one of the years when 9-11 has hit my head hard.


I’m not American and have absolutely no connection with the country but that day shocked humanity to the core.
I will never understand how that horror served anyones cause and will never come close to understanding how those who were actually there or lost loved ones live with the memories.
My family and I visited New York a bit over six years ago now and went to the memorial site and visitors center. To see some of what was inside was absolutely shattering and impossible to forget.
The enormity of it all was truly humbling and it moves me just thinking about it.
It’s a place I just can’t put into words.


Thank you for posting this. I’ve read stories of the boatlift and seen pictures of it, but never seen a docu on it. After all this time, I can still cry over the events of that day. There is a pain that resides in me and I don’t think it will ever go away. I didn’t know any of these people, yet the sense of loss is still large and painful.
I suppose the silver lining to such a horrible day are stories like this, of the people who moved forward to serve without a thought for themselves and not knowing “what else” was coming. Bless them.


A day i will never forget…


Do you know what I miss about 911?

The Unity. We were Americans. Not black, not white, not rich not poor, etc.


@Dan_the_Man I could not agree more with you.


of course, I remember, I was young, but remember how the whole world froze in horror