Remember Cloudy Beaches by MBV?

I’ve mentioned this a long long time…my hands down favourite ejuice was Mt Baker Vapor- Cloudy Beaches & 2nd was MBV-Candy Apple. No1 ever came up with a hint of a clone of Cloudy Beaches and Candy Apple they might still sell but either way I ain’t paying their “cheap prices” for anything. Candy Apple is easy enough to get/make, but Cloudy Beaches was low key their best ejuice and the pic of it was Marshmallows & Blueberries. I could never figure out how to make it, plus it wasn’t so popular then it got pulled off the shelves w/ bunch of other shit so it was gone 4ever. I even asked them for the recipe bc it was pulled but never got shit regarding recipes bc like most places they’re tight lipped about recipes and shit. Anyways, rant over, want Cloudy Beaches, don’t think I’ll ever get it but im dying 4 a bottle of it. Ttyl, thanks guys and gals.


Start with FW Blueberry then build around that with maybe FW MM and Sweetener addd a cream or whatever you rember but the recipes were simple and they were big with FW


Never heard of it. You must be lying!
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Thank u. I’ll give it a shot. Btw I never know know the levels. Did they do 15% overall? 12? 20? Cause that matters big time


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im not sure but during the time they developed their recipes the thing to do was try to hit 20pct lol…If it were me I would push the FW BB to 5 or 6 pct then add the cream etc . Don’t forget the sweetener. MBV was 20min away from me b4 they left to Arizona.


Sorry for replying so late after you posted posted but you’re saying put 6% fw blueberry then add Just regular cream? Around what percent? Also around what percent sweetener? But they used marshmallow also cause that was in the picture and I damn sure know that they did. I just need an ex MBV employee who knows the recipes to just lay it out and that’s it. I’m sick of all this guessing bullshit

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Throw some MM in their …Tbey were also notorious for using Fw …They actually sold FW flaves under different names if it was me id start with

FW Blueberry at 4 to 6 pct
FW marshamllow at 1 to 1.5 pct
FW Vanilla Ice Cream at 2 to 3pct
FW Yellow Cake at .5 to 1 pct
FW swetener at 1pct

Maybe they added another fruit like lemon to help make the BB pop so if you have it try it