Replacement O rings for Goblin Mini

Just washed an O ring down the drain beyond the trap of the drain… Pulled out my spare that came with my Goblin Mini RTA…Whew…But now I am wondering about getting a stock of them…Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get replacements…This is the large O ring that fits on both sides of the tank… Couple questions…Do they need to be silicone?..Food Grade?..would rubber work?..Any experience here on the replacement of this O ring?

Did the samething a couple months ago, I just bought 2 more goblins, problem solved lol, now ive got plenty of spares.
Goblins can be had for $20 now…great little rta!


Yeah @5prock3t …that thought crossed my mind too…It is a great little RTA…I run 1 coil for MTL hits and its’ flavor and vape is top shelf…Even though it has a small build deck, I have gotten pretty quick at rebuilding …but having several going at once would be great for testing and variety of vapes…Where you getting them for $20.00 each?..I paid $25.00 for mine about October… Would still like to find some spare O rings or reasonable and doable substitutes…anyone else face this issue with the Goblin Mini…feel free to chime in… :slightly_smiling:

CremeDeVape in the UK stock what looks to be a genuine Youde product described as a “Goblin Mini replacement spares set”.

I expect a google search for those exact words may well throw something up for your country.

Thanks Bath…I will Google the exact words and see what pops up…

$20 legit seller, fast shipping

Or theres ebay $14.99 shipped
…likely a slow boat from china