Replacement screws

How do I know which ones I need?
I get the difference between hex, philips, flat, headless etc, but what are the other numbers and how to I identify this on the different RDAs/RTAs that I have?


I take mine to home depo and if I cant size them, someone there can… then I take the info and either buy them there, or hunt online. :slight_smile:


Now why didn’t I think of that? :crazy_face:


I dont take my mod with me… I put the other screw in a zip lock so I won’t loose it…
When I bring my mod they look at me funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

then I end up passing juice out… :slight_smile:


@anon28032772 Welcome. Been there, done that brother !!!

The first number is the SIZE of the screw, the second number (usually omitted in vaping suppliers) is the thread pitch, and the third number is the LENGTH. As far as types, phillips are, well, Phillips, and flats are flats, headless are what WE call grub screws.

As far as matching, it took me a while to figure out exactly what I needed for my SteamCrave hoard, but someimtes searching for your exact model will reveal the size. I’ve got precision Wera drivers, so I have no problems with grub screws (headless), and I think all of mine are Metric (m2, m2.5, etc.), and the length various as well, by the design of what your hooking them to.


That will be hard thing to do. I would suggest buying a kit of small screws and hope that the one’s you need are in there. I don’t know if there is a harbor freight that is near you or a hardware store close by and just take the item in and match
up that way. If it is stripped, but a small tap a little bigger that they have screws for ??? Hope this helps ??? Peace :v:


You will probably get lucky, and once you find one that fits a RDA/RTA it will probably fit a few (or more) others as well. @anon28032772 any setups in particular you’re trying to size for ?


Another option if you’re into grub screws, is get a cheap assortment, absorb the cost, find the winners, then buy them in bulk if needed.


Found a list on Reddit

OBS Engine, Engine Nano, Cheetah - M2.5x2.5

Coilart Azeroth - Tri-coil deck - M2.5x2.5 Coilart Azeroth - Velocity deck - M3x3

Geekvape Medusa, Medusa Reborn - M3x3

Geekvape Zeus (single) - M2.5x3

Geekvape Tsunami - M3x3

IJoy Limitless/Combo RDTA - most decks - M3x3

Smok Beast RBA - M2.5x3

Troll RTA m2.5x3

Siren V2 GTA m2.5x3

Lush RDA m3x4

Recoil RDA m3x5

SMM RTA m2.5x3

Galaxies RDA m2.5x3

Dead Rabbit RDA m3x4

Zeus Singe Coil RTA m2.5x3


More …


In the states, we have what they call fastener shops, might like to look at:


That is like going to an optical shop and asking them to take your pupilary diameter (PD) so you can buy your spectacles online - just kidding!


Drop an email to the manufacturer and see if they can give you the specs for the screws and the 0-rings


Thanks for all the info and suggestions @SessionDrummer @Freddie3 @HVPGH @Brotherbob @anon84779643 and @King_Blizzy. I think it’s probably best if I buy one of those boxes with the whole range of screws if I can find one similar in Europe.
I was looking in particular for my original Goon. I’ve never used the right size screwdriver and I’ve worn out 1 of the philips heads after years of abuse, but having spares for other RDAs/RTAs is just a good idea.


@anon28032772 the right drivers are big savers, especially with the grubs



So far I haven’t had to replace a single grub screw yet and I’ve always been using the cheap tools from my coil master kit / free tools that came with atties.
That means either I’m not that bad with the tools I have or the stuff I bought is pretty decent quality :wink:
But you’re of course 110% right in saying that you need the right tools, for any job you do.

I guess one of the reasons why I’m looking at different screws too is to get rid of flat heads (unless they’re dual flat/philips) and the odd shaped philips ones I have.
My biggest issues with flats is that you can never perfectly center your tool and with philips heads it’s too easy to wear them out. I hear a lot of complaints about hex ones too but I’ve never had an issue with them.

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Holy crap, I used to be a grub killer until I switched to the Wiha drivers.


The right driver usually makes all the difference in the world with grub screws. Also that chart that session drummer found has some incorrect sizes on it. I own several of the attys listed and some of them are incorrect. Most “normal” sized grubs are 2.5s in alot of attys. Id say it’s the most common, then the smaller ones that alot of attys use are the 1.5s. Places like fasttech have a great selection of screws or if you want someplace local ace hardware has a huge assortment of tiny screws.


Nicely done with the PDF file. @Brotherbob

Thank you, now I don’t have to write that out. :wink::upside_down_face:

Isn’t it nice to have a decent set of tools?


Makes all the difference @Dan_the_Man.