Repurposing My Old Pipes

I’ve had this idea for some time but finally decided to put it to use. I took one of my old pipes and cut a section of the stem just out from the bowl just to be as long as the stock mouthpiece of the Delta II. Then I routed out the center so that the drip tip would slide in snugly. The bottom of the Delta II drip tip is flanged, so of couse I had to somewhat countersink the bottom to accommodate this flange. It all sounds so easy, right? Well if someone had a work shop and the proper tools to work with briar wood, maybe it would be easy. However, I don’t have these things and used just a Dremel and various bits to accomplish it. For those who don’t know, briar wood is extremely dense and hard. Working with it is tedious as it will chip and splinter using conventional drills and saws. Anyway, I have a few pipes I want to do this with and hope within the coming winter months to be able to share more photos.


very sharp looking we’ll crafted sir …


Saw a pool cue made into a cane recently and this is right up there with it. Very nice work for sure.

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