[REQ] 100 Proof Vape Company - Sour Nectar

Trying to get an idea where to start for this recipe. I am missing something. Thanks. :slight_smile:

What do you have so far?

A refreshing fruity mix of sour strawberry and kiwi, with a light hint of peach.

There’s also a few reviews… one mentioning sweetness.

Sounds like a strawberry-kiwi topnote with a little peach and a sweet and sour enhancer.

No mention of creams or custard.

All FA flavors. Tastes similar after 12-14 days. 80/20 VG PG
8% Strawberry Ripe
4% Kiwi Double
2% Peach
1% Ethyl Malto
.5% Cotton Candy Flavor


Right… I am missing something. I do 80/20 cuz after the pg flavoring it is like a 60/40 thinner type viscosity. Sour Nectar is 60/40 but vapes like an 80/20. Harder than I thought. Thanks for the replies so far.

I don’t see any type of sour in your recipe. You said all FA, but the names are TPA flavors. What you have does look like it might be right if you get some sour.

I’m sure some will say substitute the Ethyl Maltol and Cotton Candy Flavor because they will mute your flavors.

I can suggest a tweak of your recipe, only if that’s what you want. I’m sure @Amy2 can put you on point right away. She’s extra good with this.

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Something like this recipe of mine but adding the EM may mute the flavors like @Pro_Vapes said.

Enter the Dragon my way

Ingredient %
Dragonfruit (TPA) 1
Kiwi (FA) 0.25
Natural Strawberry (LAN) 3
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 3
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 5
White Peach (FA) 1

Flavor total: 13.25%

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He could leave out the dragon fruit and add cotton candy ? He needs some Sweet & Tart TFA around 0.50 make it pop more and kinda give off a smarties tone to the mix. Could try LA’s Sweet & tart at 2% but I never get the tartness from it that I get from TFA’s sweet & Tart.

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Hi , does it taste like smarties kind of tartness or does it taste like sour pucker your mouth type sour ? There’s a few different options but we’d need to know what the profile is of the " sour " part also those are all TFA’s flavors not FA ( you may just be abbreviating differently ) we say that Flavourart is FA not The Flavor Apprentice just FYI.

Sorry 1% malic acid meant to be there. :ok_hand:

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So Malic Acid is supposed to be at 1% taking the place of the ethyl malto ? This means it’s a sour pucker type of flavoring if your suggesting the malic acid. You could still go higher with Sour ( which is basically just Malic acid ) 2-3% .

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